What are Announced bets in Roulette?

The roulette tables can often get packed with chips due to a variety of techniques that allow participants to place different bets. Casinos separate bets using a string of numbers from other bets in order to minimise misunderstanding and make all bets easier to identify.

That is exactly what French bets are for. These techniques, called as announced roulette bets, span significant portions of the roulette wheel, often about half of all possible numbers.

What are Announced bets in Roulette?

Announced roulette bets are a popular method to liven up the game since they provide a lot of excitement and good roulette odds. While they aren’t found in every physical or online casino, their peculiarity appeals to gamblers with small bankrolls who want to get paid frequently.

So we spun our content wheel and are going to take you on a tour of these announced bets.

What exactly is it?

Announced bets are bets that enable you to gamble huge amounts of money on wide areas of the roulette wheel. To play the game, you make your wagers by placing your chips on the areas of the racetrack you think would be the most profitable. Announced bets can also be known as ‘called bets’ in some casinos, typically in Europe.

While these two events occur in the same area of the roulette table, there is one significant distinction.

When you announce a call bet, you do not place any chips on the table. Instead, say it out loud. The call bet might be prohibited in some casinos and countries since it basically entails betting on credit – the player does not put money on the table. For example, casinos in the United Kingdom do not allow it. As a result, before you begin playing, you should check to see if they are available. Aside from this distinction in the betting procedure, announced and call bets are identical.

What is the mechanism behind it?

There are numerous different sorts of bets that are announced. Each one lets you place chips on a range of various locations on the roulette wheel, all of which are big and linked portions. Because certain announced bets are more sophisticated than others, the most challenging element of the bet is deciding where to place the chips.

Please bear in mind that the following details are predicated on the European wheel, which has 37 numbers.

What is the mechanism behind it?

  • Zero Game (jeu zéro)

This is the most basic form of announced bet, which covers numbers that are nearest to zero. It consists of seven digits in the following order: 12-35-3-26-0-32-15.

The stake is made up of 4 chips or multiples of 4 chips. 3 chips are placed on splits while the fourth is placed straight-up on 26.

If you play jeu zéro in Germany, you will note that there’s a 5th chip involved. This version, nicknamed “zero spiel naca,” adds an extra straight-up stake on 19.

  • Third of the Wheel (le tiers du cylindre)

This option includes all numbers from 27 to 33 in the series which are opposite to 0 on the roulette wheel. 6 chips (or their multiples) are used to place one chip on each of the 6 splits. Le tiers du cylindre, which effectively covers almost 1/3 of the wheel, is immensely famous in UK casinos and far outweighs other announced bets.

  • The Neighbors of Zero (voisins du zéro)

This version, which is expanded to 17 numbers near zero, includes all numbers within 22 and 25.

Voisins du zéro is the most difficult of them all, consisting of multi-chip trios, corner bets, and splits formed of declared bets with 9 chips (or their multiples) by arranging them as follows:

    • On the 0-2-3 trio, there are 2 chips each
    • 2 chips in each of the corners 25-26-28-29
    • 5 splits at various points, which should see one chip each: 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, and 32-35
  • Orphans (orphelins)

This change encompasses those numbers that do not come within the le tiers and voisins cover. Orphans comprise the 17-34-6 and 1-20-14-31-9 sequences, which are made up of 8 numbers in 2 non and opposing segments of the roulette wheel.

There are 5 chips in the bet (or their multiples). Six chips are placed on splits (6-9, 14-17, 17-20, 31-34), while one chip is staked up straight on 1.

  • The Neighbors

This is a 5 chip version with an announced bet on 1 number supported by 2 numbers on both sides. If a player chooses 6, for example, the sequence is 17-34-6-27-13.

This specific bet type, however, is not done at the racetrack, but it is a kind of announced bet that the dealer understands and may be coupled with any of the 4 primary types.

The Neighbors

Benefits and odds of announced bets

Each announced bet does have a 2.7 percent house edge, rendering it identical to any other European roulette wager. To put it another way, announced bets do not have a leg up on the other wagers.

However, they do so in terms of the probabilities of winning any wager.

  • The voisins du zéro, with a 45.9 percent probability of winning, is the best bet. The orphelins have a 24.3 percent probability, while the tiers du cylindre have a 32.4 percent chance. The list is completed with the jeu zéro, which has a probability of 18.9 percent.
  • Although announced bets create some additional volatility, they do provide an advantage for the bettors.
  • They are entertaining to play for those who enjoy a lot of motion on every spin. Astute gamblers may enhance their enjoyment by ramping up their prospects by placing a number of additional roulette bets in each round.
  • They’re also worth considering for new players, especially those with a limited bankroll, who want regular payouts and good odds. By providing new meaning to the advice for newcomers to “shoot modest, miss small,” announced bets can provide prospective rewards with a 19 percent to 46 percent probability of succeeding.
  • They can also be employed as a supplement to the roulette wheel bias approach. When players are confronted with a wheel that favours specific pockets or selections, 1 or even more announced bets (based on the bias position) might help them enhance their odds of winning. While it takes 500 or more spins to find the imbalance, announced bets are a simple way to exploit it.
  • Moreover, the most significant benefit of announced bets is that they allow you to span more numbers than you can with a normal roulette bet. Only 3 outside bets —odd/even,  high/low, and red/black cover more numbers (18) than any other announced bet, making them suitable with even the most sophisticated roulette tactics.


The tendency to use announcing bets is personal, as it is in many aspects of life when favourable attention is given to individuals. Some people prefer them to others. In any case, they provide high odds of success, which is their distinguishing trait, making them desirable to nearly every player.

So, if you come across any online roulette variant that provides announced bets, give it a go and see what you think. You may not win them all, but they will certainly make your game more exciting and enjoyable.

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