Baccarat Card Counting: Its Process And Techniques

Card counting can be used in almost any deck-based game because whenever Baccarat strategies are mentioned, card counting pops up. There are card counting methods that can operate, and some of them can also be used by beginners; there are easy methods to try to tackle Baccarat. Yet, how practical are they? Is it possible to beat the odds in Baccarat by counting cards? We will find answers to all of these queries and more in this post, as well as include some Baccarat card counting advice.


Counting cards in Baccarat

In Baccarat, card counting is used to determine if the Player or the Banker has a higher odds of winning. It is pointless to think about the Tie bet. Locate a spot which has a new 6 or 8 deck shoe before you start counting. If you start with a new shoe, you will be ready to keep an eye on cards right away and gather more information.

Card counting in Baccarat is really very easy, and no cards must be remembered. What you have to do is do some very simple arithmetic. 

  • You start with a countdown of 0 as the shoe starts. 
  • If you are dealt a four, you must add two to your count.
  • You add one to the count each time you see a three, two or an ace dealt.
  • All of these cards indicate that flipping to the Player choice is more likely. 
  • Since the cards sevens, eights and fives reduce the likelihood of the Player bet succeeding; you must deduct one whenever any of them emerges. 
  • Whenever six is dealt with, you have to deduct two. 
  • The leftover cards (K, Q, J, 9, 10) have little effect on the count and are thus zero.

The method is based on the basic premise that as the count rises, you will be most likely to start wagering on the Player’s bet and as the count falls, you will be most likely to start wagering on the Banker’s bet. You’ll be keeping track in your head if you use the method mentioned above; however, you have to divide the count by the total decks remaining to get the actual count.

Card dealt What should you do
10, J, Q, K Neutral
6 Subtract -2
5, 7, 8 Subtract -1
4 Add +2
A, 2, 3 Add +1

The Baccarat Card Counting system for the Tie bet by John May 

John May is a renowned Baccarat author. He assumes that the card counting method for the Tie bet is the only useful kind of Baccarat card counting. Baccarat links are very scarce, which is the reason why they pay out even more than the Banker or Player bets.

If there aren’t any odd cards left in the shoe, May points out that there are just five potential hand totals: 8, 6, 4, 2, or 0. This effectively doubles the chances of having a tie, giving you a 62% edge on aggregate. His method for locating these cases is rather straightforward. 

  • Simply begin with a count of 0 and add one for each odd card dealt. 
  • When the card count hits 160, the average spread of cards brings a massive 62% edge, and it’s time to begin betting on the Tie.


The Baccarat Card Counting System by Thorp

Dr. Ed Thorp devised a much more complex Baccarat card counting scheme than the one mentioned above. He also said that his Baccarat card counting technique takes several rounds to become successful. Based on whether you want to gamble on the Banker or the Player, the strategy involves various calculations.

You have to add or deduct the number mentioned according to the card dealt.



Card Banker bet value Player bet value
10, Q, K, J 0 0
9 -1 -1
8 -1 -1
7 -2 -2
6 -1 -1
5 +2 +2
4 +1 +1
3 +1 +1
2 +1 +1
A 0 0

Removing a card has an effect

Examining the result of eliminating any specific card from Baccarat gameplay is a good place to start when designing card-counting strategies. In Online Baccarat, this implies calculating the impact on the house edge for every card value withdrawn. A negative worth indicates that elimination is harmful to the player, whereas a positive worth indicates that it is beneficial. Since the results are so minimal, multiplying them by 10 million makes them easy to work with, as shown below:

Card Removed Tie Player Banker
0 5129 -178 188
1 1293 -448 440
2 -2392 -543 522
3 -2141 -672 649
4 -2924 -1195 1157
5 -2644 841 -827
6 -11595 1128 -1132
7 -10914 817 -827
8 6543 533 -502
9 4260 249 -231

After that, you can use them to devise any card-counting technique. You must begin with 3 counts of 0. Then attach the card’s point values to each of the counts. To determine if any bet is profitable, divide the total by the proportion of cards remaining to obtain the true/actual counts. When the Player count is 123508, the Tie count is 1435963, and the Banker count is 105791, a bet has no house edge. These counts are pretty rare, but if they do, there is a benefit to be made.

Some other Baccarat card counting system

Many Baccarat games, especially those from Asia, have a fourth betting choice: the insurance bet. This is a method of guaranteeing natural 8s and 9s. This ensures that if the banker’s first two cards are 8s or 9s, the player will insure a round (or vice versa). As a result of this, you will be able to view the first 2 cards dealt, and the counting will modify as well.

This is known as card counting Baccarat side bet. All cards except the 9 have a negative (-1) worth in the card counting Baccarat tie bet. Just the 9s have a value of 12 points.

How effective is the Baccarat card counting system?


In a nutshell, yeah, this is something positive. All card counting mechanisms operate in several casino games, including Baccarat. You can test the effectiveness of the method by playing a live dealer game at any live casino. Our game lobby at Winissimo has various types of Baccarat games, including many live dealer Baccarat games. You can try them out to learn the game and strategies.

However, card counting isn’t as effective in Baccarat as it is in blackjack. This is due to a very clear reason: The cards that help the player in blackjack are readily identifiable. But when it comes to beneficial cards in Baccarat, all sides (player and banker) are on the same page. This does not render card counting inefficient, but it does lengthen the system. In other words, after a few rounds in blackjack, there are chances of making some profit. Baccarat card counting, on the other hand, will take a lot of rounds before you make any profit. Counting cards would never be 100% effective in this game as both sides are equal. Sure, it will improve your odds, but it depends on you as to how long you can wait for that. That’s why the majority of online casinos encourage you to employ a Baccarat card counter at the table: They understand that even though you can count every card correctly, making a profit would take a long time. (And indeed, it is completely legal to use Baccarat card counting software and take notes when playing Baccarat in casinos.)

The benefits and drawbacks of Baccarat card counting

Benefits Drawbacks
You will use it successfully if you follow the strategy.

Learning to count cards is easy.

To be successful, you will need to run several rounds.

When utilised correctly, Baccarat card counting can be a great tool

By now, it must be obvious that card counting in Baccarat does not have the same benefits as card counting in blackjack. Even if everything goes smoothly, you won’t make a lot of profit. That being said, this is a fairly simple approach with a number of benefits. Besides, there are times where it comes in handy, such as with the side bet Dragon 7, which can help you win more money. To put it another way, there’s no reason to count cards obsessively, but it sure won’t hurt.

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