The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

Significant shifts have happened within the casino industry over the last 30 years. The 21st century has seen not only the transition of gambling to online and mobile platforms. The emergence of online gaming has transformed the way people bet in recent years. And table games have been emblematic in this evolution.

Why are table games so popular?

The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

Casino table games are for good reason, a favourite among casino enthusiasts. That’s where the actual action is. Some of these games are very distinctive, while others are only variants of older casino games. Nonetheless, for a very good cause, they made it to this list, and as you start investigating them and when you begin playing, you can understand why. Table games allow players to combine strategy and make use of that experience. It’s more about considering the stakes, making it a more active way to play than pulling a (virtual or real) slot lever and hoping for the best.

In real-money online casinos, the same is true, where both seasoned players and beginners will benefit from learning what to do and knowing which games give the house a greater advantage. Some games include a lot of tactics, such as Blackjack, while others are more simple, like Baccarat.

Playing these games and playing them well is just about reps, like everything in life. The longer you play Blackjack or Three-card Poker, the more relaxed you will be and make the right choice. Ultimately, you won’t ever have to think about it again. The technique and by-the-book plays would be rooted In your head.

Playing online (at Winissimo) is always a better option!

The best way to hit that stage is with plenty of practice, and there’s no better way than casino table games online. Playing online gives you the ability to refine your skills and to develop these games with a lot of repetition inside and out. And, you can play to win real money too, but there are also low-limit games, complimentary prizes and even welcome bonuses to draw new players to reputed online casinos like Winissimo. Now all that is left for you to do is read up, inform yourself about these best 5 table games that are a must explore at Winissimo!


Also called 21, this is one of the most played card games in the world. In Blackjack you compare the cards between yourself and your dealer, which means you don’t play against other players; you play against the dealer. In one way or another, the purpose of this card game is to defeat the dealer’s hand. For the first two cards, which is also known as blackjack, you will either get 21 points, you can hit a total score that would be higher without going above 21 than the dealer’s, or you can make the dealer draw more cards before he reaches 21.

The predecessor of blackjack is thought to have emerged in casinos during 18th century France. When it landed at gaming houses in the US the game was renamed twenty-one, an enticing bid. But it is one that quickly became a top casino table game thanks to clear rules and a fast speed of play.

The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

In blackjack, you battle to form a hand that’s equivalent to 21 (blackjack) with the dealer and maybe other players. Two cards are dealt with each player and then the decision is made to either stand (end the turn) or hit (be dealt another card).

There are a few ways to get more victories. Until trying to stack up against the dealer, pick a double to double your stake and give you only one more card. Splitting certain pairs is another way to win further on a hand, allowing you two hands to play against the dealer.

If you are new to this game, then get your mind around many blackjack techniques and get used to playing blackjack online at Winissimo.


The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

Another well-known card game that is present at Winissimo is Baccarat. Baccarat is quite an easy game in which you match a player’s and a banker’s paws. Three potential scores are available: the player wins, banker wins or a ‘tie’.

This game of cards has clear rules. You can wager on either the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand, a draw or even bet on all three while playing baccarat. Cards, 2 or 3, are allocated to the hands of both players and dealers. You win if you end up endorsing the best hand or accurately predicting a tie.

The best hand, with the aces valued at one and face cards valued at zero, will be the one nearest to nine. If a number greater than 9 is reached by a hand, its value is subtracted by 10. A hand of 7+8, for instance, will have the worth of five.


It is a casino game named after a word that means wheel in French. In this game, players can opt to gamble on either a number set or just a single number, black or red colours, or either whether the number is going to be even or odd. 

It’s easy to play and is a game of pure chance. There are roulette variations as well. You will normally find European and American Roulette. The numbers on the wheel of the European Roulette are from 0 to 36, with half red, half black, and green for zero. There are two zero parts in the American version, 0 and 00, raising the house odds, which means the European variety is more beneficial for players.

As a croupier (the person in charge of spinning the wheel) spins the ball in one direction while spinning the wheel in another, the game decides the winning colour or number. The winner is decided when the ball loses momentum and when it lands on one of the pockets of the wheel. Find out all on how Roulette can be played at Winissimo.

The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

Three-card Poker

The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!

There are two main modes of this game in which you can play. You bet your money on the player’s hand against the dealer in Ante and Play.

Three-card poker, a hugely popular casino table game, enables you to have a tremendous impact on the ultimate result of the game. It’s also a game of outstanding odds and many side bets that are potentially lucrative. Three card poker, which was invented in the 1990s, appears to be very low key, but it’s one of the best casino card games.

You will put an ante bet while playing against the dealer, and you will be dealt three cards. It’s up to you to determine whether you’re going to play or fold after having a chance to look at your side. You may either fold and lose the ante bet or match it for a shot at the odds with a play bet.

The 3-card hand rankings are similar to Texas Hold’em Poker, but it is still a simplified version of poker. If dealers have a Queen-High or higher, they can’t play. If this happens, a push (tie) will be the play bet and your ante bet will pay out even money. Three card poker is increasingly popular, and the game is offered at almost every casino online.

Texas Hold’em

The Texas Holdem or hold’em is a variant of the card game called poker. This can also be viewed as a modern game, and any player who likes to play poker would be drawn to it.

The primary things you need to remember here are:

  • Two cards are dealt with each player, for their eyes only.
  • The dealer spreads five cards that can be used by all players to make their best possible five-card hand, three at a time, then another, then another.
  • Players take turns wagering before and after each card(s) is revealed. All players must have deposited the same number of chips in the pot as each other to remain in the hand and see the next card.
  • The best hand in poker takes the pot.
The best 5 casino table games that you must explore at Winissimo!


Bear in mind that along with a lot of other kinds of bets, all of these games have their own sets of rules you need to follow. Have fun testing all the possibilities by selecting the game that you think you would have the most fun with at Winissimo.

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