Blackjack odds: Its importance and advantages

Blackjack is a game that can seem easy on the exterior, but below the surface, you can find that it’s all about odds and making the right statistical choices. It’s quick to let your instincts take over and base it on your choices at the table. It is, however, essential to consider what the odds are with any situation you face and base your choices on those odds to be able to play properly and master Blackjack. It is important to know how the house gets an advantage in the game and what incentives the players have at their hands, which can be used to lower the advantage of the house. 

Blackjack odds: Its importance and advantages

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The House edge

It is unavoidable to get away from the fact that the house has an advantage over the players, as in all casino games. It’s important to be mindful that the house will always have an advantage and win in the long run, even though you master Blackjack and learn how to make all the right choices using a clear strategy. If you played perfectly and even knew card counting, the result would be that you could potentially get a small edge.

The explanation of why the house still has a benefit on Blackjack players is the basic fact that you have to behave at the table first. You will fail every time you reach a card and bust, which occurs approximately 2% of the time, even if it turns out that the dealer is still busted. This is the tremendous benefit the house has over the players, which is so high that you can’t usually beat it.

However, even if you can’t beat the house, you have all the resources you need to reduce the edge significantly. The house has an advantage of 8% over the players as a starting point, so you will minimise this down to as little as 0.2-0.5%, based on what the rules are at the table, by using the ideal Blackjack strategy. This is achieved in a mathematically accurate manner by leveraging the benefits that the players have at the table.

Blackjack odds: Its importance and advantages

The player’s advantages in Blackjack

While the dealer has an immense advantage of moving last, the players have a lot of options that can be used for their benefit, which the dealer does not. It is these alternatives that encourage players to refine their game so that the edge of the house can be dramatically reduced.

  • Players get paid extra every time they try to touch 21 to have a blackjack, as this pays 3:2 (2.5 times the stake), as long as the dealer doesn’t have 21 too, as they will only have their stake back.
  • Among cards, they have a lot of choices as they are always able to choose whether to stand or strike, whilst the dealer is incredibly constrained and is required to strike up to a value of 17 on all card combinations, no matter whether the dealer has players beat with a lower value of the hand.
  • Doubling down is highly lucrative for the player, and it is taken into account while estimating the house edge. Seize the chance and, while you can, double down.
  • Players may opt to break pairs, which helps to strengthen weaker hands and take advantage of the stronger ones of the dealer as well.
  • Even if it’s not always given, they often have the chance to give up the game of Blackjack, their starting hand, and get back half the stake. This will save money in the long run and the dealer never has this opportunity.

Blackjack odds: Its importance and advantages

The significance of odds

The trick to becoming a good Blackjack player is to recognize the odds of being successful, as well as to take Blackjack odds into account. It’s extremely important to be mindful of the possibility of winning and the possibility of busting, no matter what cards you’ve been given and what condition you face at the table.

Let us start by looking at a table of Blackjack odds to see what the probabilities are when you strike your starting hand with an extra card:

Probability of busting on an extra card

 Hand value


11 or lower






















It can be seen that the larger the hand worth you have, the higher the chance of bust. We may be stating the obvious, but what’s not as apparent is how high or small the possibility is, which is crucial to be aware of. 

When we look at what the likelihood is of the dealer to bust based on the first card shown, the meaning of this becomes very clear. Please notice that the risk of this varies based on what is mentioned in the rules. The rules to play 21 on the internet or Online blackjack variations are quite simple and easier to follow.

It’s easy to believe that hitting a hand value of 12 would always be the correct decision without any deeper understanding of blackjack odds. This is because 12 is a very poor value and because the worth of it can be increased by more than two-thirds of the cards in the deck(s). And if you have a weak hand, the dealer could have a weak one (i.e. a six) as well, which means the dealer will have a high likelihood of busting. It is a very common error to rely on your hand as the dealer busting is just as important to keep in mind.

What are the other benefits of knowing the odds?

  • The probability factor is an integral element that needs to be mastered by every blackjack player to decide the right decision to make with any card at hand. By measuring the likelihood and odds of the game, the blackjack player can better grasp the odds of winning a hand.
  • Knowing the Blackjack probability statistics and the ability to memorise the odds for each hand mentally is an invaluable skill that a Blackjack player needs to know to make wise choices, particularly when to strike.
  • Gamblers typically play Blackjack without the least understanding of a simple method of achieving better odds from a decent chance of a Blackjack hand. However, learning the analytical skills of estimating a game’s odds can take a long time and a lot of practice.
  • Knowing about the dealer’s chance of busting will give better odds to a player when it is best to double their bets. It is not possible to underestimate the significance of Blackjack probability to bring better odds to a player’s game, especially because it can give them an insightful guide on the best move they can make in each play of the hands.


Not many other casino games give you the chance to make a long-term profit when enjoying first-class entertainment. But you need to thoroughly train yourself and to get acquainted with all facets of the game to become a consistent player. 

And though, there’s never a promise that you’re going to win a certain hand when it all boils down to the cards you’re going to get or, in other words, your luck at the end. Knowing the odds of winning and the chances of having a certain card, however, will help you greatly boost your game and win further.

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