Everything you should know about cricket odds

Today, online cricket betting has grown in popularity and this has a lot to do with the popularity of the sport itself. Primarily, cricket is broken down into international and domestic matches. There are options to place a bet at both levels, and across all types of formats (Test and limited-overs). The biggest online bookies are always on the lookout to attract cricket customers who are interested in placing a cricket bet online. We here at Winissimo have sportsbooks offering betting options on various formats and games of cricket with very favourable cricket odds.

Everything you should know about cricket odds

Hence, every serious cricket betting investor has to have a little knowledge about cricket odds. It is important to know the key types of betting odds, how they operate and how to play them correctly, to make a profit on any form of betting. It’s like throwing money into flames, without knowing the odds. Fortunately, cricket odds and the betting rules of cricket aren’t that hard to understand.

How to use betting odds?

Betting on cricket does not only involve the prospect of trying to pick who will win the match or the potential proposition bet, but it also hinges on a lot more if you have any ambitions of earning money over the long run. If all your bets are done at just one sportsbook, you are most likely missing out on a lot of value. You see, even though you were able to pick who the winner would be 100% correct on every game, getting the highest odds would still matter a great deal. The return would be greater in the short run, and this will be compounded into the future. Getting the right cricket odds is more than just half the battle, it is closer to the full battle.

Why are the cricket odds so important?

To emphasize the importance of getting the highest possible odds on your bets, we will show you an example of two different bettors. Let us say we have bettor A and B. Both are winners and can pick winning bets at a great rate of 65%. On average, bettor A receives odds of 1.90, while bettor B is doing some line shopping and receives on average betting rates of 2.00. Now if they both bet a 1000 games a year, this will leave them both with about 650 winning bets and 350 losers. If they are betting $500 on each match their results would look something like this:

Bettor A net winnings:

650 * 0.90 + 350 * (-1) = 235 * $500 = $117.500

Bettor B net winnings:

650 * 1.00 + 350 * (-1) = 300 * $500 = $150.000

That is a difference of $32.500, which you are missing out by simply ignoring the line shop. Now some might cry “alternative cost!” for some other reason, but when this act can so easily be automated or takes so little time, you need to get your act together. If you glean just one tidbit of new understanding, it should be that getting the best possible odds on your bets should be the most important thing.

Everything you should know about cricket odds

Most popular online cricket bets

Match Bet

The most famous wager in cricket is a straight bet on who will win the match. Match Betting lets a bettor pick one hand. If the prediction is right, the payout shall be made at a fixed bet rate.

Series Winner and Outright Winner

Series Winner and Outright Winner are two other common types of online cricket betting. The former is offered in a series when teams are playing more than one game. The latter refers to bets made on a single team to succeed in a competition or season, such as the Chennai Super Kings repeating as IPL Champions, as “futures” or “ante-post.” These bets can be seen put forward in Cricket world cup odds.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are wagers not directly related to the final result of a cricket match, series or tournament. They include team bets, such as which side will win the opening coin toss, or whether a team’s total score will be over or under a certain number of runs. They also include player props based on performances, such as Top Batsman, Top Bowler and Man of the Match.

Types of betting odds:

There are three types of odds 

  • Fractional

  • Decimal

  • American

These names describe how the odds should be written. From these three types of odds, fractional and decimal odds are used frequently in cricket betting. Understanding these two types of odds will make it easier to compare bets return and place bets properly.


These odds are the most well-liked odds currently in use for any form of sports betting. It is used by almost all bookmakers around the world except the UK. The decimal odds show how much money you’ll gain if you bet 1 unit. The 1 unit states can vary from bookmakers to bookmakers. Many decimal odds have 2 decimal points for odds being right. Remember that the decimal odds include the return as well as stake.


The next most used odds are fractional odds, generally offered by UK bookmakers. These odds follow the same basic rule of 1 unit stake, but unlike decimal odds, they state that how much profit will be returned if you invest 1 unit stake as they don’t follow the total return rule. For example: if the fractional odds are 5/1, you will be paid five times per unit stake.

Why should the bettor understand the odds properly before betting any money?

It is very important to understand the odds to get the best possible return on your bets. When you don’t emphasize on betting odds you might face capital loss. Let us take a look at an example: Suppose there are two bettors A and B. Both are the winner in 70 out of 100 games but the average odds vary from 1.90 to 2.10. Now if they bet $1000, their return will be like this after a certain period:

$1000* 1.90 * 0.70 = 1330

$1000 * 2.10 * 0.70 = 1470

That is the difference of $ 140 which you will miss if you simply ignore the odds.

How to find the best cricket odds

Finding the least costly and high return investment is called line shopping. It suggests that you should look around different sportsbooks for the best odds. This will help you to get the highest outcome from your betting. When you have a bet you like, you will want to find where the best odds are at all times and you do so by line shopping. Though it may seem legible to you to have your money deposited at various sites so you can always check for the odds available at any time you want to place a bet. But it will be quite a tedious job. You do not have to do so when you have us. We have the perfect little world set up for you. Here at our online sportsbook you can always place a bet knowing that you will get the best possible odds than anywhere else. For example, you will get the best Cricket World Cup Odds in our sportsbook.

Everything you should know about cricket odds

Why prefer us?

People always want to go for sites which accept many methods of deposits as well as different currencies. And that is exactly what we provide here at our sportsbook. We offer various methods of deposits as well as modes of currency. We use the latest encryption and protection technologies to ensure that your financial information is completely secure. We also are happy to offer a wide variety of deposit methods for you to choose from.

You will get the best cricket odds when putting your bet with us. We always make sure that you get the best cricket odds on any bet you make. You can always keep a check on the odds on various games.

Live cricket betting with in-play markets

A special type of cricket bet available to punters is “live” cricket betting. Thanks to “in-play” or “in-running” markets, bettors can take a stake in the action, ball by ball, during the match. This kind of cricket betting is found mostly online through live streaming video/audio feeds. These feeds bring an action in real-time, straight to the computers of bettors. They can then watch each play as it unfolds and makes timely bets. This format can take a bit of getting used to. For instance, brief delays in transmission are common. This is partly due to differences in available bandwidth, and buffering times by users’ computers. The lag can be a distraction and sometimes disrupts bets being accepted. Live cricket odds change quite fast too, which requires full attention to the match and the chances being presented.

Live/in-play betting continues to improve and, in the process, greatly expands the number of cricket markets and adding extra thrills to every over. One of the most recent innovations introduced is a “Cash Out” feature. This allows an in-play bettor to lock in a profit. Or, limit a loss with just a click while a game is in progress.

Inclusion of mobile cricket betting

Placing a bet on smartphones and tablets has become increasingly popular. It is a result of dropping wireless data rates and being more efficient on mobile devices. It’s easy to bet on cricket using mobile apps. You have the option to use a mobile app or access a site via your web browser. Compared to the desktop version you can consider a simple interface in either case. Our site is right on it as it offers a mobile version. All the main features, including Live betting, will still be open to you, though. And yes, you can do all of the betting on your mobile, we at the Winissimo casino, promise this.

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