Famous British Boys Who Love Roulette

Famous British Boys Who Love Roulette

Going out to gamble and coming across famous faces in casinos is not surprising anymore. People have spotted celebrities and all kinds of famous personalities who are busy rolling the dice and doing a lot more at a casino. And one of the games that they love playing is Roulette.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the Roulette wheel that has gotten people talking and they seem to be exploring it further. So let’s take a look at some of the most famous British boys who just can’t get enough of Roulette. 

Wayne Rooney 

Wayne Rooney

There are a lot of rumours about Manchester United players indulging in gambling. While we don’t want to talk about rumours, there are some facts that have also emerged from the picture. And one among them is that former Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney is quite fond of Roulette. Rooney is known to have been playing Roulette for quite a while and there are also people who have spotted him playing the famous game. 

While there are no specifics as to whether he is playing European Roulette or American Roulette, one can say for sure that he is playing Roulette at the Roulette table and that he switched it from Blackjack. It is also known that Rooney has faced a lot of losses at the table, which is quite common for any individual who is known to be playing Roulette or known to have played the game. 

Moreover, onlookers have also described Rooney’s betting in connection to the games happening at Old Trafford. For example, Manchester United’s Europa League home win over FC Rostov was a game that Rooney watched from the box, mainly because he was down due to injury. So laying massive bets on the Roulette table was the type of gambling activity that onlookers described Rooney to be doing that night.

Losing over £700,000 and not getting what he wants are also two more aspects of Rooney’s gambling behaviour that people keep talking about. 

Philip Green 

From Wayne Rooney, we are now moving to Philip Green and for those of you who are not aware of this individual, you must know that he is a billionaire businessman behind Topshop. While billionaires are free to play all kinds of Roulette games, including online Roulette and live Roulette, that was not the kind of gambler that Philip Green was.

Green is known to be a regular at the Park Lane casino Les Ambassadeurs, especially at the Roulette table. He is quite fond of the game and never misses an occasion to play the game and explore all that it brings to the table. However, Green is not known to share the kind of losses that Rooney had, especially when he is known to have won at least £2 million in one night.

Yes, you heard that right. Green is known to be someone who is well aware of his Roulette odds and makes the ideal bets that seem to be winning him money. In 2004 alone, his exploits at the Roulette table is known to be a factor that contributed to the operator’s drop in profits, which should clearly tell you about casinos and why they might not want to see him.

Philip Green

Philip Green is an established Roulette player and there might be very few instances where he has made a mistake or two. While Roulette remains his best game, he was not known to always play the game. Before Roulette terms came into his life, Green was busy playing Blackjack. 

Making the switch to Roulette really paid off and it might be one of the best decisions that Green has ever made. 

Harry Styles and the old gang called One Direction 

Harry Styles and the old gang called One Direction

Before One Direction split up, there was something in common between the four famous individuals, i.e. their association with Roulette. While going on tour, One Direction is known to have been spotted at several casinos, including the Las Vegas strip in the summer of 2012.

Once they also had a plan to splash out money at different casinos in Vegas, which only came to an end when securities made them realise that they were under 21. Considering the fact that they were under 21, securities at these casinos made it a point, back in the day, to throw them out of these casinos and they were not able to play any Roulette game.

However, the team is known to have gamblers later and their Roulette bets or gambling bets in general were known to have not been modest. They were known to splash out money at casinos and enjoy the process of gambling. And during one of their ‘let’s throw more money at the table event’, Harry Styles was spotted at the VIP roulette table at Pearl Room Casino in Perth. 

Several pictures and videos of Styles playing Roulette were shared online and everyone had their say on the matter. That is where Roulette was associated with the band. While these pictures did not specify the variant or the variation of Roulette that they were playing, it makes no sense to believe that they were playing Russian Roulette at casinos in Vegas. 

Out of the four members of the band, Harry Styles seems to be the most common name popping up in terms related to Roulette. He is known to have a ‘17BLACK’ tattoo near his left shoulder, which was James Bond’s bet on the game in the film Diamonds Are Forever. So with all these aspects, it is safe to assume that Styles do share some form of connection towards Roulette. 


From Rooney to One Direction, the famous boys to play Roulette is a list showcasing how different people have come forward to play the game. While these are stories of their times at casinos, they also point towards the fact that they spent their money and did whatever they wanted to do. So privacy on matters relating to finances is something that we can all do with.

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