Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

Golf has long been one of the world’s most popular sports. And golf has increasingly become one of the most popular sports to gamble on with the rise of online betting. It is possible to make consistent gains betting on golf online when you can recognize betting values combined with a solid staking approach and disciplined betting. 

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

The number of betting choices, markets and bookmakers may seem a little daunting at first if you’re new to sports betting and are interested in betting on golf online. This golf betting comprehensive guide has been created to take you through each stage, from what tournaments you can bet on and open golf betting markets to how you can pick a bookmaker and golf betting strategies to improve your overall profitability.

To take you from a betting novice to a disciplined and efficient golf bettor, this golf betting guide is compiled.

Tours And Events

The world’s top golfers play on the US PGA Tour or the European Tour. Players play in various states or countries on a different course every week during the tourist season. The tours form one of the sport’s most gruelling schedules, with players only having a brief break during the Christmas season. Players that qualify can switch from one main tour to another often. This will allow them to improve their game at major events and make them more successful. In the World Golf Championship, the highest-ranked players take part in a series of tournaments held at different points during the year. The best events of all, though, are the majors.

The Four Major Events in Golf

The sport’s main tournaments are known as the Majors. They can be compared to the Grand Slam events in tennis in that respect. Golf’s major events are:

  1. The Masters: Held in Augusta, Georgia, the USA in April.
  2. US Open: Held in the United States in June.
  3. The Open Championship: Held at several venues in the UK in July
  4. US PGA Championships: Held at multiple venues in the United States in August

Popular Types Of Golf Bets

Winner of a Tournament

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

This is the easiest golf wager that one might make. Golf betting favourites are usually listed around +1200, unlike other sports where the favourites can be anywhere from -110 to -1000. For the odds to go smaller, there are so many outside variables and other competitors capable of winning. A few of the lower-tier people could have odds of about +15000, generating big payouts for those who select surprise winners correctly.

Each-Way Betting

This is not a single bet, but a set of wagers crammed into an each-way bet. Let’s say you would like to bet on Rory McIlroy to win the British Open at +1400. You know every top golfer is in the field and McIlroy could play well but still does not win the Claret Jug. An each-way bet includes a top-5 finish by stretching the wager out.

That means that if he finishes in the top five, you might lose the bet on McIlroy to win, but still collect on the each-way bet. The payouts are not as dramatic as the absolute winners, but they are far more frequent.

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!


Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

For others, this is a more common format. Sportsbooks build matches ahead of each tournament of two golfers and allocate money lines. Since they are part of the larger tournament, these players don’t go head-to-head on the course. Then you’ll bet on which player you think is going to end higher.

Oddsmakers set single-round matchup lines, too. Except if you are just betting on a player to win the match for a single round instead of the whole tournament, they operate just the same.

Future bets

Future golf bets on the major championship and some of the other major competitions such as the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup are available year-round. For those that put in the study, this is where the real essence is. If you see someone trending up or down according to their market value, at a moment that offers the best bang for your buck, you will make calls about when to bet players to win the Masters, even months in advance.

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

Live Betting

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

With thousands of wagers available each day on a shot-by-shot basis, live betting is expected to radically transform the way bettors think about golf. Through in-game golf betting, players with in-depth experience of those courses or particular holes should be able to bring it to good use right away.

Stuff such as whether a player is going to make a putt, whether he’s going to hit a fairway off the tee and whether he’s going to save par from the rough are just a few examples of the endless live golf betting possibilities in stock.

How To Bet Online

Stage 1: Analysis

Bettors who put in the time and research before diving into golf betting, a big advantage. Many casual golf fans can only name 20-30 of each week’s 140-plus players and are not necessarily in tune with the strengths and shortcomings of everyone. They may not be household names, but if you bet on them at the correct time, they can provide big payouts. You have to get acquainted with the grinders.

Stage 2: Bankroll Management

Betting on NFL games is very different from betting on PGA Tour events. It’s much easier to set a sum that you’re happy wagering every week and spread it around with multiple smaller bets instead of one large wager on a player to win the tournament. This could mean banking on the bigger names for a couple of longshots or top-5 finishes. Just find a method that fits and stick with it for you and your bankroll.

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

Stage 3: The Odds Analysis

Always study the odds carefully before betting on a certain player or tournament. There are always hints in these odd charts that can guide you through better choices. When someone who hasn’t played well enters into a tournament with high odds, chances are that particular golf course has everything to do with previous success. For golf betting, there are a lot of nuances to remember, and the betting lines will help steer you in the right direction.

Stage 4: Make your bets

At Winissimo, select the odds you want best, double-check your research and aim away. You will be watching these bets for the next four days, unlike betting on a college basketball game that lasts two hours.

Be sure to check for deals or incentives for bonuses. We may have some tempting golf betting deals and you don’t want to leave on the table any money or free bets.

Golf Betting Strategies To Consider

Solid form

NBA players scoring 20 points a night are difficult to hide. Fans observe each bucket to see the amount of output. Yet a player from the PGA Tour racking up top-25 finishes can go unnoticed. Pay attention to the lesser-known players and try to gamble on them when you see consistently strong action for a few weeks in a row.

History of the course

Each course is distinct. Some are wide open with greens, favouring long, inconsistent drivers and powerful putters. Others are tight and tree-lined with a premium on precision and control of greens. For no obvious cause, certain courses suit a player’s eye.

It is another outstanding chance to discover players that no one is looking at. Start to look at guys who don’t play well before a tournament with a course that fits their game pretty well.


With shockingly poor rounds or tournaments, players in top form will fade away for sure. Yet golf is such a mental game that coming out of a slump can be harder than doing reliably well. Find players who are utterly confused on the greens and bet against them during a matchup.

In golf, a consistently good tactic can be to bet against certain players.

Your all-comprehensive guide to golf betting tips!

The Weather Factor

Although the weather will make life either as complicated or equally simpler for any golfer, not every golfer will react to changing situations the same way. The personalities and skill sets of golfers need to be addressed when the “going gets rough.”

In terms of betting, the other way to incorporate the weather patterns into the predictions is to consider how those weather conditions affect golfers and the course they play.

Multiple golfers

It might be a smart idea to bet on many golfers. This would reduce the volatility and give you a lot of winning opportunities. A lot of people tend to realise that this is an alternative because it involves you to learn a little bit about the payout odds.

Sometimes, people wonder what the right number of golfers to gamble on is? Truth be told, so many different things are going to influence this number. The best advice is to gamble on as many golfers as you want that you see value in and also being able to make a good profit you’re comfortable with if you win.

Check for value

Betting on golf competitions isn’t just about betting on who you believe would win. It’s about finding golfers that you believe have a solid chance to win without spending too much money for a win from sportsbooks.

Find value in betting odds

You can use a probability calculator if you are lazy or want to do it the easier way. 

Odds converter

However, before you do that, let’s explore what this number means and what we can hope to see. The inferred probability will inform you how much the casino expects that this golfer will win the tournament.

Based on what the percentage is, they will pay you out, implying you will break even if the sportsbook is right (with exception of their juice).

But you have found value if you believe the golfer is more likely to win than the sportsbook claims.

To summarize

This is a good base to use during the next golf tournament if you are deciding who to bet on. Now for a given week, you know what to look for. You will find yourself way ahead of your betting buddies by merely doing a little homework on the course and the background of the golfers at that tournament.

It will also help you from “getting a week late to the game” by not buying too much into the latest play. Focusing on the new form, of course, counts. You want to bet on players who have shown indications of strong play in recent tournaments. To be a sharp bettor you need to emphasize on the things that matter.

Those things that sharp golf bettors are looking at are the categories we have broken down above. Review the content and do not be afraid to do some homework. You’re going to enjoy golf betting more than you ever thought!

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