Return to Player – Theory and Application

RTP, meaning Return to Player, is a word applied in the realm of casino games to describe the percentage of money that is returned to the player. An easy-to-understand concept, the payback percentage is what determines how much a game, particularly a slot machine, may be anticipated to give out over a term. Taking a detailed look into RTP as well as how to discover the greatest RTP values is what we will be doing here.

Exactly What Is RTP All About?

Return To Player is the expression used to define the amount of payment, in an absolutely perfect scenario, that casino games or slot machines give back to its players. It’s defined in the form of percentage and is predicated on a large amount of game data. RTP is basically the inverse of ‘casino advantage’ – the house’s statistical edge in every one of their titles.

How does one figure out the RTP?

Determining a game’s return to player is straightforward in principle. The calculation is simple: the overall sum paid to gamblers divided by the overall sum risked. This might be a deceptive statistic when it comes to online slots, for example, because it doesn’t reflect how frequently you can anticipate to win.

Blackjack, for example, is a game where you may expect to earn approximately half of your wagers, while slot machines, which pay out massive jackpots, may payout less frequently but significantly higher. However, the final outcome will generally be identical over a length of time, an RTP to gamers of somewhat lower than turnover.

For instance:

According to the RTP of 92% provided in the game title’s description, long-term players may anticipate the game to give back £0.92 for every £1.00 wagered.

The RTP indicated in the appropriate Game Rules is expected to be met by the games. As a result, this does not imply that each and every run or sequence of runs will provide the same proportion of returns. Every player should be aware that because winnings are distributed randomly, the RTP they get may differ from what is promised. Individual plays might anticipate a payout between zero and the highest reward amount.

Arbitrary plays aren’t ‘paid,’ so just because you have had a string of losses doesn’t indicate you will have a string of wins. The outcome of a single bet has no influence on the outcome of the other bets that are placed. As a result, gamblers must only bet with whatever they can spare.

This means that each game has its own set of qualities and attributes that make it operate in a different way than any other.

What’s the point of RTP?

If you want to attract potential clientele, you must have a high return to players. All gamblers would prefer to play a game that gives out 95 percent than one that gives out 92 percent, since they all want to win. RTP isn’t very important to casual slot gamers who engage for a short amount of time. The aesthetics of the game are more important to some gamers than the best strategy for winning. RTP, on the other hand, is a crucial factor in deciding which title to play for regular players.

Where Can You Find the Ideal RTP Values? 

The return to player percentage of any online casino is often substantially higher than that of a physical casino, with several online slots providing RTP percentages of up to 96%. To put it another way, online titles don’t have to deal with the cost of items like housing and employee salary like their physical counterparts.

Gaming system RTP details may be obtained either on the outside of a gambling device or even on the inside of an internet slot’s data page. There is absolutely no reason to doubt the statistic presented, since it has been thoroughly vetted and validated by other parties. A public relations catastrophe for both the game designer and the casinos concerned if they are detected not adhering to RTP rates that have been publicly stated would be the case.

It is possible to improve your possibilities of being successful by choosing a slot machine with the optimal RTP.

Keep the following points in mind:

Regrettably, even with the greatest RTP, the percentage return is computed across a long period of time. This implies that if you only play for a short period of time, you won’t get the complete RTP amount. However, do not take this as an  encouragement to engage for longer periods of time. It is just a simplified approach to demonstrate RTP operation in terms of basic math.

Since payback percentages are established by looking at tons of spins, it’s impossible to predict exactly how a game will perform when you perform it. As a general indication, RTP should not be used as an absolute guarantee as to what amount you will earn. Therefore, choosing the greatest RTP title will require some practice and patience, but it will be worthwhile in the end.


Inside the arsenal of every professional casino player, RTP numbers are a compass for the optimum wagering value on every game. This is a certain technique to ensure that you’ll play several casino games in the course of time, while also raising your chances of succeeding more frequently. 

However, RTP percentages may also be used to gauge the likelihood of huge jackpots, with smaller RTP online and mobile slots typically being of the ‘greater variance’ kind. Moderate RTP slots are the best place to go if you want to discover a significant prize.

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