A Brief Introduction to Slot Variance

It should come as no surprise that the majority of online casino players choose slot games at random, with no knowledge of how the games are built to operate. Because of the unpredictable nature of the results, it is difficult to forecast the fate of any video slot game. Professional testing laboratories, on the other hand, test online slot games to ascertain a payout rate.

A Brief Introduction to Slot Variance

The payout rate is a measure of how much money is returned to participants throughout the course of the game. A slot machine with a stated RTP of 96.5%, for instance, should theoretically cash out that proportion of each and every dollar gambled. In certain situations, particularly if the rate is high, online casinos will publish it on their website. Whatever may be the case, you can find some of the best slot games at Winissimo. Now let us get into slot machine variance.

How is slot variance defined?

The dispersion of long-term consequences is measured by variance. Simply defined, it assesses the degree to which outcomes deviate from the statistical average.

The term variance should not be confused with the term standard deviation, which is the square root of the variance and quantifies the average distance between findings more accurately. Rather than providing a rigid figure like standard variation, it evaluates how likely findings are to vary.

Slot variance at various levels

High, medium and low variance are the 3 major categories of slot variance. Both offline and online casino games carry the same concerns. Most players have a favourite slot game, and the variance of those games reflects your personality – whether you are a risk-taker or prefer to play slowly and gradually.

Slots with high variance

  • Slots with high variance

High-variance online slot games are the riskiest, but they pay out the most. This level of risk is not suitable for players with limited cash or who are not naturally risk-takers. Such slots are ideal for gamers with a larger bankroll and a willingness to take chances. These gamers are known for placing huge bets every spin and waiting for the occasional big winnings.

  • Slots with medium variance

Slots with a medium variance are a good compromise between high and low variance slot titles. Players who prefer this level of slot volatility aren’t afraid to take little chances, but they don’t want to blow through their whole bankroll too quickly. Small victories are common in this category, and there are a few mid-sized successful combos scattered all through the gameplay.

  • Slots with low variance

Slots with low variance give out lesser amounts more frequently. Winning combos might appear after a few spins, allowing you to contribute a little sum to your budget. The typical player of these sorts of slot machines is a newcomer to the casino who is more concerned with the game than with the dangers involved. A few bucks can allow you to play for several hours at a stretch.

Variance versus Volatility

Experienced casino players use the phrases volatility and variance interchangeably, although they have different connotations outside of the casino. Volatility is a term used in finance when addressing stock concerns and choices, whereas variance is a concept employed by poker players and, more recently, slot machines.

Both formal words allude to the risk factor in slot games, and they inform players about the cash prize and scoring combos they may expect when playing. While playing any game, it is the frequency and quantity of rewards, as well as the risk associated.

The main distinction between variance and volatility is that variance applies to the game distribution of successful combos over time. Volatility, on the other hand, refers to the dangers that come with playing for a short period of time. High-volatility games can be the difference between winning a jackpot in the long run and losing all of your money in the short run.

How can players determine the variance of a slot game?

Players may occasionally come across evaluations of public info about a machine’s or slot game’s variance. In the absence of it, players may have to figure out the difference on their own. Players will quickly see how often small and token rewards appear if a sample size of 100 spins is used. The slot game is most likely configured with a smaller variance if token payments often occur with relatively modest net losses. When returns are rare, they are most typically set at a large variance.

Players can check at the paytable for recommendations while Trial Play is absent. Slow, gradual increments in payouts for hitting 3, 4, and 5 symbols on a five-reel game are typically an indication of low variance. If the achievable rewards on the same results dramatically rise, the slot game is most likely set at a high variance. Players should consider both the RTP percentages and the variance while selecting a slot game.

How can players determine the variance of a slot game?

How does variance influence online slots?

How does variance influence online slots?

Many fascinating elements may be found in a slot machine. There are certain elements you will see depending on what slot games you play, such as scatters or free spins. Additionally, progressive and set jackpots are available, as are bonuses associated with certain play lines. These extra elements increase the level of risk involved in the way you play a slot game.

Slot games with bonus features are more enjoyable and exciting. They do, however, increase the game’s variability and the participants’ danger. Low variance slot games might give the appearance that a player is scoring a fortune, but in reality, after several hours of gameplay, his initial investment remains the same.

High volatility games, on the other side, necessitate patience and a larger bankroll, but just one jackpot is required. Slot variance is influenced by a variety of factors. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • Size of the bet

In every game, the magnitude of the bet is critical. The value of any combination’s wins, as well as the bonus game rewards, is determined by the starting value of the wager you put on each spin. Games with a greater variance will have a larger min bet than games with a lower variance.

  • Extras and bonuses

Bonus games are popular among players, and their unpredictability adds to the game’s excitement and pleasure. Bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, respins, and wilds are all examples of bonus elements found in slot machines. Bonuses appear at different times, and the more additional content you have, the lesser the chance of getting a hit. The frequency with which the bonus games are activated is also determined by the number of rewards available.

  • Paytables

While determining the variability of a game, the first step is to look at the paytable. Every successful combo has its own winning worth, which may or may not be flexible based on the value of your bets. Slot games with lower payment values often have a greater frequency of successful combos, whereas slots with higher payout values have fewer and farther between successful combos.


Understanding the bonuses, RTP, perks, and the number of paylines on a slot machine is only part of the story. This is due to the fact that the games differ in degrees of variance. It is simple to figure out, and once you do, there will be no cause to be unhappy with your game selection. Winissimo is a great place to find a great range of slot games with all levels of variance. You can find an online slot game with your preferred variance at Winissimo. So enjoy your heart’s content!

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