Here are the Most Prominent Eurosport Snooker Commentators

The future of snooker is bright. We are not only referring to the sport’s unique fan base, high-stakes events, and a plethora of great players willing to chip in and showcase some world-class play. Pure viewership for the game has risen so dramatically that even sceptics are finally starting to see the error of their ways.

Snooker, which was formerly a pricey pastime reserved for society’s upper crust, is now widely available. Getting into a profession in snooker doesn’t need a lot of time or effort because it’s a very inexpensive sport to participate in. With the growing interest in sports betting, you can find out what the odds are for your favourite snooker player and place your wager accordingly.

Here are the Most Prominent Eurosport Snooker Commentators

Clearly, a sport’s reputation, whether expanding or not, cannot be based just on the availability of a few betting options. It doesn’t, thankfully! The game has become quite available due to the accessibility of online casinos, and several people begin playing snooker as a pastime before discovering a latent ability for the game.

Snooker betting effectiveness, like other forms of sports betting, is mostly achieved once bettors have gained a greater grasp of the game. Only by devoting time to researching all of the factors that might influence the result of a game or competition can we be confident that we are placing a well-informed wager. As a consequence, while betting on snooker, knowing player status, setbacks, head-to-head outcomes, and stats is crucial. Keep in mind that certain players may perform better or worse depending on the circumstances.

Now let’s dive into our snooker topic of discussion, which is about famous snooker commentators:

The snooker commentary station is jam-packed with retired World Snooker champs as most of the old guard retire. John Parrott, Stephen Hendry, as well as Dennis Taylor are some of the top snooker commentators in the world, offering authoritative perspective into every element of the sport. The global standings in snooker are continually shifting, and being a snooker pundit is no easy task. The following are some of the more notable, though.

John Parrott

John Parrott

Parrott, a BBC studio specialist, is among the first names that comes to the head when discussing the top snooker commentators. A former team leader on A Question Of Sport, the 1991 World Snooker Champion currently only serves as a sports analyst for the game.

Stephen Hendry

As one of the most successful players in history, the 7 time championship winner has brought his expertise and understanding to the broadcast booth. Hendry is a prominent snooker commentator who can be spotted on a variety of networks, however the BBC is where he does the majority of his business.


Ronnie O’Sullivan


A snooker legend, O’Sullivan is vying with Stephen Hendry for the highest World Snooker Championship wins. Ronnie occasionally puts his best foot forward in the commentary box. An agreement was struck with Eurosport in 2014 and he got his personal program on the network, titled “the Ronnie O’Sullivan show.”

Steve Davis

Davis, a former professional snooker player who claimed 6 world championships during his stellar time, now sets the bar as a snooker pundit. Davis, who has worked for the BBC for more than a decade, is among the sport’s best known personalities.


Jimmy White


Snooker officials, pundits, and fans all regarded White as one of the sport’s finest players, even though he never did win the World Championship. With his personality and wit, White has transitioned to the snooker commentary booth, where he works for Eurosport most of the time.

John Virgo

Virgo, who won the UK Tournament in 1979, is more renowned as a snooker pundit than a professional, but his victory propelled him into the globe’s top ten rankings. As a result, Virgo’s catchphrases like “where’s the cue ball going?” have become associated with the snooker superstar.


Clive Everton


The Welsh legend is most known during his time with the BBC, but he chose to transfer to competitor network ITV, which has since switched a number of snooker championships to the channel.

Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty may be heard regularly in the BBC commentary box or as a studio guest analyst. Doherty, who won the 1997 World Snooker Championship, was among the finest players on the globe in his prime, and he has brought that form into the commentary booth.


Joe Johnson


Johnson, a former professional snooker player who qualified for the 1985 World Championship and went on to win it, is currently a renowned Eurosport snooker commentator.

Neal Foulds

Foulds, one of the sport’s most seasoned minds, was once regarded as the world’s third greatest player – despite regularly falling short on snooker’s largest stage. Foulds belongs to the snooker commentators’ journeyman group, having previously worked for the BBC, ITV, and Eurosport.


Alan McManus


Snooker expert McManus is well-known to viewers because of his heavy Glaswegian voice and his experience as a former pro player. McManus gives a different viewpoint to the position of snooker pundit, not shying away from criticising players for bad safety play.

Dennis Taylor

Dennis Taylor, a native of Northern Ireland, reached 2 international championship finals, the most renowned of which being the 1985 World Snooker Championship. As among the most thrilling finishes in World Championship record, Taylor overcame the renowned Steve Davis on the black ball to claim his place as one of the all-time greats of the game.


What about female snooker commentators?

Women like Seema Jaswal, Jill Douglas and Hazel Irvine have established a life as snooker commentators. It’s encouraging to see more women getting into snooker refereeing, and we can only hope that this trend continues in the commentary box.

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