Are Voice-controlled Games Going To Dominate The Igaming Sector?

There is no doubt that we live in a period of fast technological progress when innovations that seemed far-fetched some years ago are now getting increasingly common. Voice-activated devices were once considered a pipe dream, yet they now control many parts of modern technology. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets all come with voice-activated operating systems nowadays. So, instead of typing messages, mails, conducting web searches, or placing calls in the old fashioned style, you can just use voice control to do so.

Are Voice-controlled Games Going To Dominate The Igaming Sector?

It’s only natural for dedicated gamers to speculate how this innovation will impact the iGaming sector in the future. Online casinos still haven’t included voice recognition technology. Still, it’s imminent given that an increasing number of users are becoming accustomed to using voice control to operate every feature of their device. Without a doubt, integrating this technology with gaming software will open up a world of possibilities.

Here we will see how voice command technology can be integrated with the iGaming business, the developments till now and the future. But before that, let’s establish what voice technology entails.

What is voice technology, and how does it work?

Voice technology allows you to use vocal commands rather than manual entries to control some functionalities of your mobile device. Thus, users can use voice control to make a phone call, run a search, or even compose documents and modify their Twitter status.

This technology is helpful, but it also helps to improve the security of using your smartphone while doing other things, such as driving. It is a hands-free strategy that doesn’t need any additional configurations or equipment. Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S Voice app and Microsoft’s Cortana are among the most prominent voice recognition apps.

What is voice technology, and how does it work?

How does voice activation work in online casinos?

When you search for your favourite online casino game, you just mention the game’s name aloud into the mic, and the action will start on the smartphone.

The nicest part about voice control casino games is that they allow you to search for anything without having to use your hands. This means you may use your voice to turn a favourite slot machine in autoplay mode or make a roll at the next European roulette session at a live casino studio game.

Here is what will change with the introduction of voice-controlled games:

  • Results that are accurate

It will be impossible to determine if voice-controlled games produce faultless outcomes at this early stage. However, games will become more sophisticated and entertaining in the long term. As the gameplay advances, there will be more opportunities for alteration and development. The game is on its way to becoming mainstream. As a result, users’ gaming experiences will undoubtedly improve. This will allow them to interact with casino games.

  • Possibility of better accessibility

As a result of voice-controlled games, internet casinos like Winissimo will be more inclusive. These games will be accessible to all players. Those with physical limitations, in particular. Many gamers were previously unable to partake in the enjoyment and excitement of engaging in online casinos. All of this will transform once they begin using their voice to communicate. And they can do it all from the comfort of their own homes. Voice-controlled games will undoubtedly expand the accessibility of casino games to a wider spectrum of demographics in the coming years.

  • It will become increasingly prevalent

Within the online casino sector, voice-controlled games are relatively new. They are presently in the experimental stage. As a result, we can’t judge the quality or usefulness of such games right away. A few casinos only use this technique. However, there is reason to be optimistic. Voice-controlled games can become significant in the market. Gamers will have far greater power over the games once they become popular. They are simple to operate and do not necessitate the use of hands to play. Online casinos have already started planning to invest in creating voice-controlled games because the future appears intriguing.

What is the future of voice-controlled casino games?

 What is the future of voice-controlled casino games

It feels like it was only yesterday that Microgaming unveiled the opening of the world’s first online casino site. It was in 1994, and the casino gaming sector is anticipating even further innovation in voice-controlled internet casinos’ form twenty years later. Players are already using cutting-edge elements such as enhanced audio and visual effects, animations, and the option to play at online live casinos with players and dealers from all around the globe.

Casino behemoths such as Playtech, NetEnt, IGT and Microgaming are busy working to develop new and innovative ways for players to enjoy their favourite casino games, with voice-controlled titles said to be part of the mix. So it is reasonable to anticipate that in some years from now, people will be equipped to use voice control capabilities to play game titles and manage all elements of an online casino account.

Since voice control technology has been used in the gaming business, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, for the most part, users would rather not utilise voice control on their cellphones, even though it is accessible to them. Most likely, it is only a matter of time. Technology still hasn’t matured, and in the future, voice control will be much easier to use.

It is difficult to dispute that there are several advantages to be had in utilising voice commands to handle your mobile device.

  • Let’s say you can play your favourite games on your mobile casino without a sweat.
  • Voice control will not make you miss a beat when you play your game.
  • You will also save time by not having to strain your eyes while using a desktop or laptop, which allows you to play games when you are in the dark.
  • Additionally, the availability of voice-controlled games is a significant step forward in the progress of VR gaming, as it implies that you may play beloved games like online slots in VR as if you are at the actual casino.

However, this technology has not reached a stage where we could implement these options at this moment in time. Siri and Alexa are known to misinterpret orders from users regularly. As a result, there is frequently a lot of confusion and problems when trying to type or make Internet searches. Despite this, innovations in voice control technology will continue to develop, and players will eventually have more control over the gameplay while using them at newly-created online casinos in the future.


Voice recognition is only getting started. What is sure is that voice-controlled games will have a massive influence on online casinos over the next several years. It will be critical for them to innovate and respond to customer preferences fast. Additionally, given the current trend of voice-controlled games, the gamers will want to take advantage of that. No doubt, casino gambling will be dominated entirely by voice-controlled technology.

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