Online Poker Vs Offline Poker

It is often remarked that Poker is not just a game of cards but a game of people. And this popular card game has found its way into online casinos. Online Poker is as standard as conventional offline Poker. Various online casinos and Poker websites offer Poker in its traditional form as well as many other variants and a range of stakes.

The ins and outs of Poker online

There is very little you need to remember before you proceed with online Poker. You don’t require a significant bankroll. In fact, there are a number of online and live casinos where you can start to play online Poker for free. When you’re sure enough to play confidently, you can start playing for real money. 

However, you should not drain your entire bankroll in one go, and there are plenty of ways to save money to keep playing longer.

Various Poker games on offer

Many variations of Poker are also available online, and each edition has its own bluffing, hand values, and betting sizes. Texas No Limit Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo are some of the most popular options.

Differences between online and offline Poker

While the basic concepts of the game are essentially the same in both formats, there are some significant differences between the two. In this post, we will equate online and offline Poker in-depth by looking at a few spots where they both diverge. Based on their discrepancies, we will also look at the impacts of these two choices on players.

Betting sizes

There is a marked contrast between the betting sizes of online and offline Poker. This is especially noticeable when raising pre flops. For example, in an online Poker game for cash, players can collect 2x, 2.5x, or 3x Big Blind with only a click. In a live game, though, it is not unusual for players to gamble 6xBB, 5xBB, or more.

Player tells

An essential distinction while playing online is that you cannot watch your rivals and they cannot see you either, so you don’t have the ability to observe visually and verbally helpful tells. Experienced live players believe that it’s much easier to ‘profile’ rivals while playing at a table, particularly about the less seasoned players who seem to offer a lot of details about themselves and their hands. However, in the live dealer Poker variations available online, you can have this benefit of playing while seeing the other players.

Rakeback and promotions

Many player-friendly deals like Rakeback, bonuses, and other promotions are available while playing in an online casino, but you will not find many while playing offline.

Pace of play

Online players can play several tables in one go, experiencing hundreds of hands each hour. But you are confined to just one table while playing offline and the speed of the table is also far lower than any online Poker game you will ever play. You can expect only 40-50 hands an hour at most offline Poker games.

First, a dealer takes a little time to shuffle cards, retrieve chips, allocate pots, etc. Second, many players in an offline game like to take time before making a move and not necessarily focus on playtime, especially with low stakes. Most of them talk, laugh and have fun. If you like online Poker, this can be quite irritating.

Multiway pots

When people play Poker online, they frequently fold their poor hands and proceed to another table. While playing offline, however, players are required to sit and play at a single table and choose to engage with many speculative hands just because they don’t want to keep folding. So, you will have to be patient enough to wait for good hands and make competent laydowns.

The image at the Poker table

When playing online Poker, you are one of the many other players. As such, unless you make some really huge mistakes or give any player a tough time, you will hardly ever get noticed. But in offline Poker games, it is entirely different.

People have to sit with the same players for several hours, so naturally, they can see what the other players are doing and keep trying to figure out their strategy—sometimes subconsciously.


If you are playing online Poker, you can get onto any reliable online platform like Winissimo and start playing without having to wait for anything or anyone. Day or night, games usually occur, especially in larger rooms, with good traffic. So, you have the freedom to control your own plan, especially if you are playing Poker with cash games. But it isn’t the same case in offline Poker. Most Poker rooms and land casinos have games mostly spread in the afternoons and nights with heavy weekend traffic.

So, if you need flexibility and versatility, Poker on online platforms is probably the better choice.

Live or online Poker – Personal choice

As you can see, there are many discrepancies between online Poker and live or offline Poker. Whatever you choose, it’s crucial to consider, understand and evaluate these variations in advance.

If you don’t like other people’s company or don’t feel relaxed playing through evenings, offline Poker isn’t for you. Moreover, you get the additional benefits of bonuses and promotions while playing at an online casino. And if you miss the atmosphere of offline Poker, you can even play Live Dealer Poker online at Winissimo.

Live Dealer Poker is a game where people can spend their money and make the most out of it anytime, anywhere. Apart from the sheer ease, Live Dealer Poker lets you play Poker with actual players at the Poker table. The involvement of a live dealer makes the whole thing more authentic and you can view the action through a series of cameras and high-quality graphics, which makes the game more engaging.

Winissimo features some of the best Live Dealer Poker variations and games that you can try anytime without having to travel anywhere. Get ready to practise your Poker face!