Amazing Facts About Playing Cards That Are Worth Taking Note Of!

Casino card games have always been a major part of the history of online casino games. Card games such as Online Blackjack, Poker, Teen Patti and the like have been immensely popular and best-loved by all the gamblers across the globe. 

That being said, playing cards online or with family have always been our go-to thing be it for relaxation, fun or to lift up each other’s mood. But have you ever given a thought as to why card games form an important constituent besides being skill games? Well, if you have not, we, at Winissimo, bring to you a wholesome perspective about card games and various amazing facts associated with them. Read on to know more!


Casino playing cards: Its origin


Did you know that the playing cards were first traced in China and were first used in the early 1200s? A few valid sources reveal that the cards were used as early as the ninth century. But many reports still claim that the Chinese game of leaves that carries this title did not necessarily include cards, so the debate is still on whether that should count as the beginning of playing cards.

Nevertheless, it is assumed that the Chinese were the first to use appropriate money-based cards. Coins, strings of coins, myriads of strings, and thousands of myriads, were their suits. In the Middle Ages, in the 1370s, the Mamluks of Egypt changed them and passed them over to the Europeans.

Analysing the four suits in a deck



The four suits in a deck represent the following. Take a look!

Hearts: A heart symbolises the spring season. It is often meant to be a reflection of human life’s ‘childhood’ period. It means the fire part.

Clubs: The club symbolises the summer season. It refers to the stage of ‘youth’ in which schooling, irresponsibility, etc. are often emphasised upon. 

Diamonds: This diamond on the card represents the fall or autumn season. It refers to the ‘growing’ process of human life in which an entity aims for his/her career. In short, a diamond is a symbol of growth, duty, principles and protection. 

Spades: The spade symbolises the winter season. It refers to ‘old age’ wherein people learn, experience and gets used to change.

A deck has a total of 52 cards represent the number of weeks in a year. A single suit of 13 cards represents 13 lunar months. All the numbers on the cards sum up to 365. 

Did you know?

Each card’s value number characterises a keyword that informs us about the overall personality of the card. Here they go!

  • An Ace represents Desire
  • Two represents Union
  • Three represents Faith
  • Four represents Satisfaction
  • Five symbolizes a Change
  • Six represents Adjustments
  • Seven represents the epitome of Victory
  • Eight represents Power
  • Nine represents New beginnings
  • Ten symbolizes Success

The significance ‘52’ in a deck of cards



Have you ever asked yourself why the deck has specifically 52 cards? Let us tell you that there is no one particular reason behind this. However, there have been some interesting theories as to why it has always been 52 cards to date. Previously, the cards consisted of various numbers such as 24, 36, 40 and 48. But later 52 became the number that dominated the card games family throughout the globe. It is also believed that French and British colonialism played a vital part as they popularised the deck of 52 cards across the world.

Another aspect that you may find fascinating is that 52 decks of cards are equivalent to the total weeks in a year as mentioned earlier. The two colours red and black symbolises the day and night and the four suits symbolise four seasons. The thirteen cards represent the lunar cycles and the twelve court cards represent the months in a year. How interesting is that!

Changing the deck of cards

Another fascinating aspect of the lifespan of a deck of cards in Las Vegas casinos is just 12 hours. Yes, that’s absolutely true! When 12 hours pass, they are thrown away or sold. The cards are played based on the activity during the casino table or whether the shuffling has been done by hand or machine. The reason why cards are replaced is because of marks like bends or scuffs that provide an upper edge to the players. In order to keep up to the fairness of the game played, the cards used are thrown away or sold every 12 hours. 

Why do cards have rounded edges? Given a thought?


There is a very important reason as to why most of the playing cards are designed with rounded edges. This is because the sharp square edges wear out easily and this damage could sometimes reveal the card values explicitly thus giving room for biases. As a result, this would completely spoil the thrill of the game. 

There is another similar reason for the designs on the back of the cards. The intricate and dense patterns help to hide wear and tear while making sure that the card is not very transparent. If there are no designs on the back of the cards, there are high chances that a player might be able to see through an opponent’s card and cheat easily.


Playing cards had other uses too!

The playing cards were not just used for playing various card games. But during World War 2, the Americans used the deck of cards and sent it to the American Prisoners of War. They would remove a part of the card to discover map routes to help them escape from the prison.

One of the well-known brands of playing card decks was called the US Brand Bicycle. They were widely used during World War 2 to free American prisoners of War. During the Vietnam war also, the American soldiers made use of the Ace of Spade Cards to instil a sense of fear among the superstitious Vietnamese Congress Members. Today, we can find their use at many casinos or magic shows.

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