What Is Blackjack Insurance All About? A Short Glimpse

Insurance is a type of side bet in Blackjack that is different from the initial stake. It serves as a safety measure against a competing Blackjack and is only available whenever the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. Any insurance bet pays out at 2 to 1, which is generally half of the initial wager. Only when the dealer’s second card is shown, the side bet is made. The dealer will get Blackjack if you have a K, Q, J or 10, and then you will gain the insurance bet. If you don’t, you’ll forfeit the insurance gamble, but you could still win the initial stake depending on your side.

Players can gain the benefit of the insurance right after they collect their first 2 cards, and the dealer’s upcard must be an ace, as previously said.

At this point, the dealer will inquire as to if any of the participants will like insurance. As a result, any player should carefully consider such a scenario ahead of time to be as ready as necessary.

An illustration of Blackjack insurance

Assume you put a $10 bet on the first hand while playing online Blackjack somewhere, and the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. You pay $5 for insurance. If the dealer gets Blackjack, you will gain $10 from the insurance bet and get your $5 insurance bet back, but you forfeit your original $10 bet (unless you get Blackjack too).

If the dealer does not have a Blackjack, which is likely, you will forfeit your $5 insurance bet. The hand will then proceed normally.

What are the Insurance Bet Odds?

An insurance bet’s accurate odds of winning aren’t always equal. The Blackjack odds are determined by the number of decks used in the play and the number of 10 point cards dealt so far.

Due to their ability to keep track, card counters will spot when the circumstances are ideal for a lucrative insurance bet. When it comes to insurance, though, the odds are often stacked against the players. This is particularly true in online Blackjack, where the card decks are tossed and shuffled before each hand.


The benefits and drawbacks of insurance betting

To succeed at Blackjack at any offline or online casino, the player must actually beat the dealer’s hand. However, any tied hands result in a ‘push,’ which returns the player’s stake.

Insurance may be a safe bet in a Blackjack game with a vast number of decks. If there are more decks used, then there will be more cards with a rating of 10 in the shoe. And with too many ten-pointer cards to draw, the dealer’s chances of making Blackjack are increased.

If any player has a weak hand, such as 15 or 14, insurance is not worth the risk. You are in a disadvantageous spot to gain the hand, so spare your resources.

In either case, it is generally agreed that players who purchase insurance do so at a long-term loss. The 2/1 odds are insufficient to justify placing the wager.

Why must insurance be refused in general while playing Blackjack?

The explanation below demonstrates that, even in the best-case situation, betting insurance is a risky Blackjack strategy in the long run.

  • In a single deck game, you are playing against the dealer only, and none of the cards in your first hand has a worth of ten.
  • This implies, 16 of the residual 49 cards have a rating of 10, ensuring that your $10 insurance gamble has the best chance of winning.
  • Regardless, your situation is one that is unlikely to be sustainable in the long run.
  • The $10 insurance bet benefits 16 times on average and fails 33 times. Each win is worth $20, for a sum of $320.
  • Although, the 33 failures at $10 each leaves you with a total loss of $10.
  • Since neither you nor any of the other competitors have 10-point cards in their starting hands, this is the best-case situation. If this is the case, the odds of the dealer getting a 10-value hole card (and thereby gaining the insurance bet) would be much slimmer.

The first and only opportunity to purchase insurance



Players who know card counting or have any advantage are an exception to the “never accept insurance bet or even money” principle.

When you understand there is an excess of cards priced at ten left in the decks, the insurance gamble will be quickly taken advantage of if you are effective at managing track of the decks.

You can approximately determine whether or not getting insurance is a good decision in a particular case without running into too much with card counting or trying to do much real math.

For example, if two player hands are visible but none of them shows a ten, 16 of the residual 47 cards are tens. Insurance is a safe bet that the dealer has a greater than one in three probability of doing Blackjack.

Even then, benefit players can’t count on protection because the dealer only reveals an Ace once in 13 hands-on average, and the bet size is reduced to half of the initial wager.


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Final thoughts

Before making a decision about insurance, players should consider the factors mentioned above as well as the advice we provided. If the goal is to win, players should be well informed before beginning the game. You better understand what you are up to. Otherwise, you risk making poor choices that will cost you more money in the long run.

If you are a casual player who wants to stick to simple tactics, you can avoid taking insurance on any hand, even Blackjacks. This bet can only be considered if you have mastered the art of card counting. 

This will help you to recognise where the deck or shoe composition validates you taking the insurance bet.

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