A List of the Best Sports Autobiographies

In order for people to understand the hardships that athletes experience, their decades of intense effort, and their will to succeed, they have written autobiographies.

Generally, a good movie has a terrific narrative and an excellent finish. A sports autobiography is more than just a book; it is an art form in and of itself. Athletes’ struggles are documented in these books, but we also learn more regarding the game we all love as a result of reading them. Both the sport and its players are examined in depth in these books.

Sports biographies are a great way to learn about the history of your favourite athletes. Here is a list of the best sports autobiographies:

Unbreakable – Jelena Dokic

Unbreakable - Jelena Dokic_

The unusual life of Jelena Dokic, a young tennis champion, is chronicled in this beautifully written autobiography. By the time she was 19, Dokic had become the world’s No. 4 tennis player, overcoming both poverty and bigotry to achieve her goal. Unbreakable tells the storey of Dokic’s bravery in revealing the trauma she received as a child and how she ended up playing tennis for a decade while suffering from anxiety and despair. After reading her painful narrative, you’ll feel an enormous sense of appreciation for this incredible woman who overcame hardship to become an example to all females — tennis professionals or not.

Playing It My Way – Sachin Tendulkar

Regardless of whether you are a fan of the sport or not, Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography is a must-read solely since he’s the finest cricketer of all time and possibly one of the biggest Indian sportsmen of all time.

He wrote that no autobiography can guarantee to capture every aspect of the writer’s life. But this is the best we can learn about his journey and the things that kept him going on this magnificent voyage.

Playing It My Way - Sachin Tendulkar

Touched by God: How We Won the Mexico ’86 World Cup- Diego Maradona

FIFA 1986 stands out as one of the most memorable World Cups ever played. And this memoir is Diego Maradona’s long-awaited eyewitness narrative of the most amazing and contentious World Cup win in history. A single goal by Maradona recorded his name in the annals of football history, one that will never be erased from memory.

The Greatest: My Own Story – Toni Morrison

Heavyweight champ of the globe doesn’t hold back in this interesting book edited by Nobel Laureate author Toni Morrison as he recounts the difficulties he encountered in and out of the arena.

No Spin – Shane Warne

“King of Spin” leads everyone on an impromptu trip of his life, beginning as an ordinary Australian from suburbia Melbourne and ending as one of cricket’s greatest spinners, capturing over 1000 international wickets as well as scoring more than 3000 test runs during his tenure. Warnie discusses his colleagues, competitors, the infamous romance with Elizabeth Hurley, and a love for gambling (just like many people over the world who have a fascination for offline or online sports betting) openly in this interview. Readers will be blown away by Shane’s openness in No Spin thanks to the cricketer’s bar conversation tone.

Simply The Best – David Lloyd

David Lloyd is one of the most well-liked political analysts of all time. In his usual style, Bumble describes the crucial connections in his cricketing career, spanning his playing years as a youngster to his stint in the Sky commentary booth with Nasser Hussain and Michael Atherton.

The Autobiography – KP

Kevin Pietersen has a no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to recounting his most memorable incidents, such as being dismissed before the disastrous 2013/14 Ashes series in which he served as captain. Whether or not you agree with KP, his book is a must-read.

The Second Half – Roy Keane

Booker Prize-winning author Roddy Doyle collaborated on a novel that tells the narrative of 2 halves. A look back at the career of a motivated Premier League player, and then a glimpse into what it’s like to manage a team. The combination of Keane’s self-deprecating humour and a no-holds-barred style makes for an enjoyable read.

My Life In Red And White – Arsene Wenger

When it comes to Arsene Wenger, his autobiography isn’t just a retelling of the Arsenal manager’s long and diverse career. Wenger is no longer included in sports betting advice, but he’s always interesting to hear from.

Unbreakable – Mary Kom

As a child, Mary Kom was raised by landless agricultural workers in Manipur. Then there was the fact that she had to forge her own way in a male-dominated field of work. In the ring, Mary Kom is a formidable opponent. Outside the ring, though, you have no clue how remarkable she is at fighting the odds. A 6 time World Champion as well as a bronze medallist at the Olympic Games, she fought through every obstacle with her gloved hands.

My Way – Moana Hope

Hope was born into a family of 13 siblings and had a natural aptitude for sports at an early age, earning spots on the state as well as national cricket and Australian rules football squads. As a result of her father’s fatal cancer diagnosis, she took a leave of absence and cared for him for 4 years. Her short hair plus tattoos made her a target of ridicule, but Hope tells the storey of how she overcame those prejudices to emerge as one of the best female players for Collingwood and North Melbourne. Those searching for a role model for women can find inspiration here.

The TB12 Method – Tom Brady

One of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of American football, Tom Brady, is a household name. He has claimed the NFL 6 times, the most in record. It was Brady’s 41st NFL championship in February of 2019!

Numerous factors distinguish his autobiography from others. You may enter the renowned footballer’s head with The TB12. We learn about Brady’s workout and training routines in the book. Amateur athletes will benefit from this book’s emphasis on a dedicated and disciplined lifestyle. Why not have someone who’s still going strong at the age of 41 explain it?

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