An Overview of the World Darts Rankings

Darts has a lengthy history, although it was formerly considered a bar sport by many. In recent years, the sport of darts has transformed into one that draws large crowds to large-capacity arena events, with millions more watching live on tv. The sport of darts has made a lot of progress since its infancy, when the Indoor League first appeared on television and was presented to the Alexandra Palace for the first time.

As a consequence, both the population of spectators and players has expanded dramatically in recent years.

The increased television attention and popularity has resulted in a significant rise in prize cash, a feature that has transformed the game in recent times. Today, the fame and cash prize of darts are on a scale with that of rugby or mixed martial arts. Darts is now widely accepted as a sport, and the discipline has grown to include more than 50 million participants throughout the world.

Darts Betting

A further reason behind darts gaining popularity is because people can bet on them. As a result of its popularity, darts betting has evolved as being one of the industry’s most rapidly expanding sectors. Darts has become a popular betting option for many punters throughout the world, thanks to a diverse array of betting markets available across a variety of competitions. To improve their odds of generating a reward, highly seasoned players frequently visit online casino sites that feature the finest darts betting deals.

The Professional Darts Corporation’s Order of Merit is a global rankings structure. It replaced a global ratings system established on points earned for participation in rankings competitions after the 2007 PDC World Darts Championship. It doesn’t directly affect darts betting, but prize money earned in darts competitions can influence the odds. It’s not a precise technique, but the Order of Merit in darts helps highlight the most accomplished players in regards to prizes, so it’s worth looking into. Having said that, let’s go deeper into the PDC Order of Merit and see how it works.

History of the PDC Order of Merit

When the old points system for rating events failed, the PDC created the Order of Merit to serve as a replacement. Reward revenue generated at PDC tournaments in the preceding 2 years now makes up the PDC Order of Merit, and darts cash prize forfeited on a tournament’s 2 year anniversary. Because of the darts hierarchy’s decision to restructure the PDC Order of Merit, it is now much simpler for fans to keep up with and comprehend.

Events are ranked in order of merit by the PDC

This list does not cover every significant darts championship; only the largest and most renowned events are included.

Following is a list of the PDC’s highest-paying ranking tournaments:

  • £2.5 million for the World Championship
  • £700,000 for the World Matchplay
  • £550,000 for the Grand Slam of Darts
  • £500,000 for the European Championship
  • £500,000 for the finals of the Players Championship
  • £450,000 for the World Grand Prix
  • £450,000 for the UK Open

Order of Merit for the PDC ProTour

The Order Of Merit for ProTour includes prize money earned on the European Tour as well as the Players Championship during one single calendar period. For darts players this implies that the 2 Orders Of Merit have some clear distinctions, with the ProTour ratings offering them an opportunity to qualify for big-time live and televised darts events. While Gerwyn Price now holds the top spot in the ProTour Order Of Merit — worth a cool £96,750 – Michael van Gerwen is a distant third. There is additionally an Order Of Merit for the Players Championship, as well as an Order Of Merit for the European Tour, although most darts fans primarily look at the PDC and ProTour standings.

Darts Player with the Most Money

Whenever it concerns darts cash prizes, Phil Taylor is the most successful player, having won almost £7.1 million over his brilliant career. Phil Taylor’s net wealth is believed to be £8 million, as per the financial reports. Taylor has among the finest darts walk-on anthems, and he’s earned a decent life off of it. According to the PDC Order of Merit for 2021, Gerwyn Price of Wales is the highest-paid darts player in the world, having earned about £1.4 million of cash prizes. Price has a significant lead over his competitors, and the world champion is confident in his prospects of maintaining his championship next year. Michael van Gerwen’s net wealth is estimated to be approximately £5.3 million according to recent reports. As winnings for darts escalate, it’s not astonishing that the Dutchman will surpass Taylor’s net worth.


Darts has not yet reached the same level of popularity as football or tennis. It’s, nevertheless, played professionally, having full-time professionals fighting for large sums of money all around the world. Furthermore, because there are essentially no physical standards to participate in darts, anybody may play. We feel that the rising appeal of darts and the emergence of a thriving pro circuit is due to the sport’s excellence. Last but not least, watching and participating in this sport is a blast!

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