Your Guide to Know All About Trixie Betting

Time has brought in changes to the good old system of sports betting, which has opened the door towards different types of betting. While Trixie Betting isn’t new, it has been around for a while, making it an ideal option for many to try. So if you have been looking to try out a new form of betting, then Trixie Betting is the type of bet that you need. 

Since we are constantly talking about Trixie Betting without even telling you what it means, you might be wondering ‘what is a Trixie Bet? So we lay down our apologies, we are also moving forward to start a guide that will tell you everything about Trixie Betting.

What is a Trixie Bet?

Trixie Bet is a special bet that involves four other bets on three different selections. So when you place a Trixie Bet, you will be betting on three selections that improve the probability of a return but just like any other bet, it does not guarantee the same.

So when it comes to winning, it all depends upon the number of selections that win and the kind of odds that are closely attached to the same. If the odds do predict a winner and if two of the four selections end up winning, you will receive a considerable return on the bet that you have placed.

These bets involve three doubles and also a treble, thereby splitting your bets into different types and bringing them all under the same objective. 

Now that we are aware of what a Trixie Bet is, let’s read an example in order to be aware of how it works. Assume, there are multiple horse races and you choose to place bets on three of them in particular. By doing so, you bring about three doubles and a treble, meaning that you are placing a Trixie Bet.

Number of Races Race 1 (R1) Race 2 (R2) Race 3 (R3)
1st Double Bet 1 1
2nd Double Bet 1 1
3rd Double Bet 1 1
Treble 1 1

By placing double and treble bets, you tend to complete a Trixie Bet and enter a special type of online betting. It combines all doubles and trebles and brings 4 four bets in total. So if two selections or a double bet becomes successful, you are going home as a winner. 

Type of Bet Selections Number of Bets
Doubles R1+R3 / R1+R2 / R2+R3 3
Treble R1+R2+R3 1
Total number of bets 4

Should you place a Trixie Bet?

Regardless of however you place a bet, one of the biggest questions that are bound to enter your mind is if it is really worth it. And that is not wrong. We need to question ourselves and look to learn from previous mistakes that we often end up committing again and again.

Which is why we end up considering whether or not to place a Trixie Bet. And on this front, it is important to look into a few points that are generally classified as pros and cons.

  • Pros
  • Even if one of your selections ends up going wrong, Trixie Bets helps you look at different possibilities, which although don’t guarantee a return, can raise the possibility of a return. So in other words, you might have a better chance with Trixie Bet.
  • Since horse race betting is quite complicated for some, it is better to understand the process with a betting strategy rather than directly heading towards exploring it in general. And some might say that Trixie Betting is a strategy of its own.
  • Trixie Bet is quite similar to Accumulator bets, thus making it another option for people who love to place Accumulator bets. 
  • Trixie Bets are also simple and easy to understand. The process is not complicated and following it is more or less a piece of cake.
  • While it is commonly associated with horse race betting, Trixie Betting has also seen takers with football betting, meaning that you can place such bets on football.
  • Cons
  • Amidst the talk about possibilities, it is also important to note that if two of your selections don’t win, you lose four of your bets. 
  • While comparisons between Trixie Bet and Accumulator Bets are common, players who have indulged in Accumulator Bets are not quite fond of the same. 
  • Moreover, it is also known that if all your selections end up winning, you will still be making less money than a Straight Accumulator.
  • Apart from all that, Trixie Bet also requires a large stake, making it impossible for some to really consider spending a lot of money on this type of bet.

The Comparisons Between a Patent Bet and a Trixie Bet

While Accumulator bets have also seen comparisons, it is Patent bets that see an obvious inclusion. Patent Bets are those that bring about a 3 selection wager consisting of 7 bets, 3 singles, 3 doubles and also a treble. Due to that, Patent bets are a full cover bet that makes its way to leading comparisons with a Trixie Bet.

But is three a difference? Well, yes.

  • Difference between Trixie and Patent Bets

From the above definition of a Patent Bet, the difference is more or less apparent. Patent includes single bets on all three selections, leading its way to a total of 7 bets. On the other hand, Trixie Bets have only a total of 4 bets. However, this key difference might not always come of great value because there are situations where people have relied on Patent bets rather than a Trixie Bet.

These situations involve Patent Bets with large odds that can convince you that a return is quite possible. Due to that, understanding both these types of bets for what they aim to do and what they stand for are critical to acknowledging which bet to choose.


The different points associated with Trixie Bet are in line with all that you need to know and what you need to make out of it. With the final decision being with you, it is quite important to acknowledge the same and come up with a decision that makes sense.

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