Want to Know About the Best Darts Player Ever? Take a look

Being the best dart player ever is no easy feat that can be achieved within a fortnight. It takes years of training and the will to do it all for good. Since we have such individuals on planet earth, a list of some of the best darts players seems possible. Apart from the best of all time, there are also other players who have showcased a rare talent to dominate the game and keep on winning points. 

So when you bring everyone together, you are left with a list of the greatest dart players of all time.

  • Phil Taylor 

Phil Taylor has often been called the most decorated darts player of all time. With 16 World Championships, 11 World Grand Prix titles, 16 World Matchplays and six Grand Slams and Premier Leagues, you might as well call him the greatest. Taylor’s ability to score points and place darts where they belong has often been disguised as something astonishing that leaves people with their mouths open.

While we understand that astonishment, it is quite hard to expect anything else from a player who was briefly ranked as number one in the world. His tally of 85 major titles is one that many dart players dream of but could never achieve. Because there is only one Phil Taylor and he is the greatest. 

  • Michael van Gerwen

3 PDC World Championships, 2 World Matchplays, 5 World Grand Prix, World Masters within four years of debut, one UK Open and more are some of the many titles credited to the great Michael van Gerwen. Often being compared to Phil Taylor, Gerwen is another name in the sport that everyone wants to watch. His ability to play the game with ease has always made people think that he will one day beat Phil Taylor.

Since Michael van Gerwen has a long way ahead, one can only hope to see the great man reach his milestones and accomplish all that he wants to. Since he is like an online betting service providing bonuses to players in the form of some of the best moments in darts history, we hope he stays for eternity. 

  • Eric Bristow 

Eric Bristow’s exploits with darts have often been classified as the reason why the sport has grown in popularity. Because people in the 70s and 80s were not busy thinking about darts or anything related to it. However, when Eric Bristow started showcasing what the sport really meant, things began changing and now people are also interested in dart betting

Such was the excitement around Eric Bristow, a five-time World Champion and World Master Title holder, who was also ranked World No.1 by the WDF for a record five times. Moreover, Bristow was also awarded an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), which is the third-highest dart ranking order awarded by the British Empire. 

While his unfortunate death in 2018 left many sad, Eric Bristow will always be remembered for the legacy that he built and for the player that he was.

  • Raymond van Barneveld 

Raymond van Barneveld is not only regarded for gifting us some of the best Premier League dart moments but also for showcasing his skills to the world. Van Barneveld has always yielded a specific skill set that has helped him win four BDO world titles in a seven-year stretch, after which he made the switch to PDC. 

Apart from all that. Van Barneveld also won the Grand Slam in 2012, Desert Classic in 2007, back-to-back UK Open titles in 2006 and 07 and the Premier League in 2014. While he did retire in 2019, he chose to make a comeback in 2021, thereby winning the Players Championship. 

However, Van Barneveld is also remembered for gifting us a game between him and the great Phil Taylor in which he beat the legend. So it is fair to say that Raymond van Barneveld’s legacy will live on. 

  • John Lowe

John Lowe may not have got all the traits that people view as one of the greats but when it comes to effectiveness and consistency, which are traits required to be successful, Lowe crosses some of the biggest names in the sport. While many had doubts about his longevity in the game, he started proving them wrong by winning titles and showcasing why he deserves a spot in any list featuring some of the best dart players. 

Three BDO world titles, two World Masters and more are credited to his name, while his special moment will always be when he managed to hit a nine-dart finish in 1984. So, by all means, it is fair to say that John Lowe is the kind of player that you can rely on when you indulge in sports betting and when there’s a bet between him and another player, regardless of whoever he is being pitched against. 

  • Gary Anderson

The greatest Scottish darts player of all time and the World Champion with two successive belts and two Premier League titles are some of the achievements that Gary Anderson is known for. When Anderson gets into his game, it’s hard to see him lose as he manages to convince opponents that he is surely going to win it all. His game in the PDC will always be remembered for what it produced because it’s impossible to stop The Flying Scotsman.

Apart from his list of awards, Anderson also holds a few records, including the most 180s in a match, leading to 22 and much more that may take a while to be broken. Due to all that, Gary Anderson is one of the best and we hope he continues to prove it day in and day out.

  • Dennis Priestley

Describing Dennis Priestley’s career has always been done by mentioning Phil Taylor mainly because, if not for Taylor, Priestley could have won four more World Championship titles. Between 1996 and 2000, both Dennis Priestley and Phil Taylor were caught up in the World Championship Finals, only for Taylor to take it all away.

However, Priestley has never been short of trophies as he has already won two World Championship titles. While Priestley won the BDO World Champion title in 1991, he followed it up with the 1994 PDC World Champion title. Hence, Priestley is a successful darts player and certainly one of the best.

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