A Comprehensive List Of Popular Tennis Tournaments You Should Know

Tennis has been around for quite a long time, and therefore its reputation appears to be growing every year. Tons of people go to the world’s major tennis tournaments every season to take in a wonderful atmosphere that surrounds these worldwide events. These premier tennis events are some of the most sought-after tickets in sports, most searched in sports betting markets, giving fans the chance to witness the finest tennis players in the world compete live on the largest platforms. There’s a lot of heritage and culture at each tournament, in addition to the tennis action. If you’re looking for the finest tennis events, we’ve put up a list of some of the favourites below.

A Comprehensive List Of Popular Tennis Tournaments You Should Know

In a year, how many tennis tournaments are held?

Every year, the men’s professional tennis tour hosts more than 70 tournaments. And the women’s tour hosts more than 70 tournaments. The Association of Tennis Professionals organises the tournaments on the men’s tour. The Ladies’ Tennis Association runs its own schedule of tennis tournaments for women. The Challenger group of events and the International Tennis Federation’s Pro circuits are held at the lowest divisions. There is also the Summer Olympics, which occur every four years, on top of the ATP and WTA tennis events.

As a tennis enthusiast, you may be wondering about the list of popular tennis tournaments around the world, with several events taking place across five continents each year.

Popular tennis tournaments you should know

The Wimbledon

It’s only natural to begin the list of best tennis events with the world’s most renowned (and respected) tennis tournament. The inaugural Wimbledon tournament was held in 1877 on the grass grounds of the All England Club, which is located just outside of London.

Wimbledon is always held on grass courts, which is one of the tournament’s many long-standing tennis rules. Additional features linked with the event include attendance by the Royal Family and the famed all-white dress requirement.

Wimbledon is among the 4 key tennis events (also referred to as grand slams) that take place in later June or early July. It draws some of the finest tennis players in the world, and the All England Club’s famed Centre Court has staged a few of the most historical and longest tennis matches.


The US Open


The US Open is the most well-known pro tennis event in the United States, and it is generally the very last Grand Slam of the calendar. It was known as the US National Championship when it was first held in 1881. What makes it one of the most enjoyable tennis events to attend? For starters, it provides a distinct and distinct environment from the other majors. It’s energetic, vibrant, and entertaining, much like its home city, New York.

While the premier tennis event is held in the US National Tennis Center in New York, many fans will stay in Manhattan to enjoy the city’s excellent food, shopping, and entertainment while they aren’t watching the game. The US Open, like Wimbledon, is replete with celebrities.

The US Open is held every year in late August/early September, and we believe it is the ideal way to end the summer. With almost 800,000 tennis fans in attendance in 2018, the competition established a new record for viewership.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open, the opener of the 4 main tennis events of the year, is a must-see for tennis enthusiasts worldwide. The tournament has been held in Melbourne Park since 1988, however, it goes back to 1905. It is the largest annual sports event in the southern hemisphere. The enthusiasm for this iconic Melbourne tennis event is usually great, and as one of the most attended, it undoubtedly enters the list of top tennis events.

The Australian Open is held on a hard court and has been conquered in recent times by Novak Djokovic. Since 2008, he has claimed the competition 8 times, earning him the record for most singles championships at the competition.


The French Open


The French Open is unique among the major tennis events in that it is the only one that takes place on a clay court. Because of the slower travelling ball, clay is regarded to be a tough surface to play on. Rafael Nadal, who has won an amazing 12 French Open Championships, is one of those players who seems to thrive on clay.

The magnificent city of Paris is one of the finest elements of the French Open. There’s a reason it’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It offers an excellent background for one of the finest tennis championships in the world, with its quaint cafés, amazing cuisine, great hotels, and gorgeous architecture. With a 128-year history, this event has witnessed hundreds of unforgettable moments.

The Summer Games

The Summer Games is unlike any other tennis event in that it is much more than just a competition. The best part of the Summer Games is that it brings together many other fantastic sports events in one location, all in an unrivalled environment.

Tennis made its debut at the first Summer Games in 1896, but then was subsequently discontinued in 1924. It was then reintroduced in 1988 and has been a part of the lineup since then.


BNP Paribas Open


The BNP Paribas Open is one of the best tennis events for a variety of reasons. The first is, obviously, the sport of tennis. This important tennis event brings the best players in the league and a large number of spectators. It attracts over 400,000 people on a regular basis, and the 2019 competition established a new attendance record with 475,372 fans in the crowd.

The BNP Paribas Open’s setting is also appealing. It’s difficult to disagree with the tournament’s moniker of “Tennis Paradise.” The festival takes place in Indian Wells, California, in the Palm Springs region. This beautiful tourist spot features world-class golf, luxurious resorts, amazing shopping and eating, high-end spas, and lots of outdoor activities. It also has great weather, making it ideal for a late-winter trip.

ATP Finals

Another elite tennis competition is the ATP Finals. They first took place in 1970. However, they have gone by other names and iterations since then. The event has been hosted in London since 2009. But, in 2021, it will relocate to Turin, Italy.

The ATP Finals are held in a different format from the major slams held in a knockout/bracket style. The format for this tournament is a group phase. Every player is placed in a four-person group and competes against the other members of his group. The 2 leading players from each group advance to a semi-final, followed by the championship final.


WTA Finals


The pro women’s season concludes with its big event. The WTA Finals, which is held in China, brings the WTA Tour to a close. After taking over from Singapore in 2019, Shenzhen has been given hosting responsibilities till 2028.

The event follows a group-stage format, accompanied by semi-finals and finals, identical to the ATP Finals. The WTA Finals created headlines in 2019 by presenting the largest prize pool in the sport’s history, with a total prize pool of $4.75 million available to the victor. To win the whole prize pool, the champion would have to be undefeated throughout the event.

What is the most prestigious tennis tournament?

Countless tennis players, pundits, and fans regard Wimbledon as the most prestigious tennis event in the world. This is due to the Championship’s illustrious history and legacy, which imbues it with a distinct aura of majesty and dignity.

Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis event. It’s the single most important Grand Slam tournament that’s still held on grass. Every year, the British Royals can be seen in the Royal Box. Every year, many well-known personalities worldwide enjoy Wimbledon, rendering it among the most prominent sports events on the planet.


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Because these competitions are played on various surfaces, participants must devise unique strategies and adapt their styles and plays for each one. To come out on top of one of these tournaments, on the grandest stage in tennis, it all boils down to a matter of physical and mental tenacity.

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