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It may appear that a piece named on table tennis rules is dull, but it isn’t! At the very least, we hope not. We will thoroughly describe the most essential table tennis jargon as well as gameplay in this article, putting an end to the many disagreements that occur every day across the world. We will also give you a quick rundown of the fundamental rules of table tennis in bullet points. Even if you are a seasoned gamer, we hope you will find this essay instructive as well.


So let’s begin by taking a look through the equipment needed for table tennis.

  • Table tennis table

Table tennis table

A table tennis table is constructed of 2 pieces of fibre wood cut in half. The table has a matte surface due to the dark and lustrous paint used on it. The playing board is marked by a 2 cm thick line that runs down the table’s edge. A net that is hung from 2 poles connected to the table divides the table into 2 halves. The height of the table tennis net is 15.25 cm.

  • Table tennis ball

As per laws and regulations, the ball is generally white or orange, weighs around 2.7 g, and is sphere in shape with a diameter of 40 mm.

Table tennis ball
  • Table tennis racquet

Table tennis racquet

The bat, also known as a racquet or paddle, is around 17cm long and 15cm wide, and is typically constructed of wood. That features a black and red rubber covering on both sides that assists players in creating and mitigating ball spin.

The game’s objective

The objective of the game is straightforward: strike the ball well over the net and on to the opponent’s side. If your opponent is not able to send the ball back to your half of the table (for example, by missing the ball, hitting the ball but missing your part of the table, or hitting the nets), or if they strike the ball before it bounces on their half of the table, you win a point.


The first player to reach 11 points wins the game. However, at the end of the game, there must be a two-point difference between competitors, thus if the score is 10-10, the play continues till one of the players has earned a 2 point advantage. Irrespective of who served, the player who effectively stops a rally earns a point.

A game can be whatever number of games you like; just ensure you agree to it ahead of time!

How to win in table tennis

  • A player can win a match of table tennis by earning 11 points, with 1 point granted for each violation, as per the table tennis rules. Every player gets two consecutive serves. The player who scores 11 points first is considered the winner.
  • If the score is tied at 10-10, a player must try to gain a two-point advantage to win the game.
  • Winning games is how a match is won. The amount of games played every match varies depending on the competition and category.
  • Whilst singles matches are generally best of 7, doubles matches are usually best of 5.

Serving in singles

Other than during times of extra play, when the ball is changed each time, a player takes 2 serves before the ball is sent to the rival to serve. The first player to serve at the beginning of the game may be chosen in a variety of ways, so we’ll let you pick! In singles matches, service can be either diagonal or straight.

Serving in doubles

From the right half court (indicated by a white line) to the opponent’s right half court, the service must be diagonal.

In Doubles, the service changeover is as follows:

The serving team will have to choose which player will serve initially at the beginning of the game.

  • A1 is the first player to serve
  • B1 is served by A1 (2 services)
  • A2 is served by B1 (2 services)
  • B2 is thereafter served by A2 (2 services)
  • A1 is served by B2 with two services.


Team B will serve first at the completion of game 1 and the beginning of game 2; B1 will serve to A1. After that, A1 serves B2, and so forth.

Doubles rotational rules

At doubles, one has to strike the ball with their partner alternately.

Doubles rotational rules

Match play in general

  • Before it is your opposition’s time to serve twice, you have 2 serves. This was five servings per person, but after switching to 11 points to win, it’s just 2.
  • It’s deuce at 10-10. You both receive one serve and must win by a margin of at least two points. This is the table tennis counterpart of a tie break, or sudden death.

If you are playing a best of three, five, or seven game set (rather than a single set), you will have to switch ends after every game. This ensures that both players have the opportunity to encounter circumstances on both ends of the table. In the last game of a match, you also switch sides when the first player achieves 5 points.

A let is called when:

  • A perfectly fine serve lands on the net. This guarantees that your opponent has an opportunity to respond.
  • The receiver isn’t prepared (and doesn’t even attempt to catch the ball). This is truly simply plain sense!
  • If the game is disrupted by an event beyond the players’ control. If your cat leaps onto the table, for example, you may repeat the point.

A point is lost when:

  • You miss a service.
  • You do not return the service.
  • A shot is deflected into the net.
  • A shot ricochets off the table without touching the court.
  • During play, if you shift the table, make contact with the net, or the table with your free hand.

Some commonly used shots used in table tennis

 Players can increase their range and variety of shots by altering their tempo and angle. This substantially improves their game. The following are some of the most commonly utilised shots in table tennis.

  • Topspin
  • Block
  • Chop

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