What You Need to Know About a Casino Pit Boss

You may or may not have heard about a Casino Pit Boss but you would have surely seen them if you have visited a casino. These individuals walk around the place and have their eyes set on everyone, constantly monitoring what is happening on the casino floor and understanding the process altogether. 

They are more or less all around the place and if at all you need a way to avoid them, you will have to stick to online casinos. But for now, let’s understand more about a Casino Pit Boss and what their job looks like. 

What You Need to Know About a Casino Pit Boss

Who is a Casino Pit Boss

A Casino Pit Boss is more or less like a gaming manager. They walk around the casino floor with the main objective of observing how the casino games are being played, especially to understand whether all the rules are being followed. These are highly trained individuals who can also spot people who are cheating, so an encounter with them is not something that a cheater would want to face.

Pit bosses will oversee servers, dealers, cashiers and other employees working on the floor because it is a part of their hectic job. They are also involved in the training of employees because every casino will want their employees to follow their rules and ensure that players are also doing so.

The inclusion of a Casino Pit Boss surely places a mark on casino safety and reduces the burden on other employees who are also tasked with the same job. Considering the importance and the responsibilities that come with their role, you can naturally assume that their jobs are one of the most respected ones in the casino. 

What Does it Take To Be a Casino Pit Boss?

There is a lot that is needed to call yourself a Casino Pit Boss and it is not just about handling casino chips or any other aspect. Casinos expect their Pit Bosses to have prior experience in casinos, especially when it comes to understanding the workings of a casino. You need to be highly knowledgeable about the casino floor because you carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulder.

Thus, experience for a Casino Pit Boss needs to revolve around an offline casino and having knowledge about a live casino or even a mobile casino is not going to cut it, although it may be of help in understanding the types of games that are being played at the casino floor. Since games such as Blackjack, Roulette and more will be played at a casino, the management will be happy if you are a candidate who has some kind of knowledge about these games.

On the other hand, casinos will also look into managerial skills which are more or less one of the most important requirements for being a Casino Pit Boss. It is hard to imagine a Pit Boss who lacks managerial skills, especially when you consider all the employees that are going to be working under you. Throughout the job, you will come across several situations and thus managerial skills are of utmost importance. 

You will have to settle disputes leading to different reasons and also monitor whether there have been any wrongdoings with casino bonuses and their distribution. So a manager is what a casino will be looking for when it comes to picking an individual for the role of a Casino Pit Boss. 

The One Who Takes Care of the Money 

The One Who Takes Care of the Money 

We are all aware of the fact that casinos make a lot of money. Their revenue comes from a lot of sources, out of which the house edge is an important one. Managing the same and being responsible for money is also a part of a Casino Pit Bosses’ requirements. So a trustworthy individual is also what casinos are looking for in a Pit Boss.

From keeping an eye on the different types of bets that are being placed to administering the functioning of the casino floor, the Pit Boss has a lot of work to do. Receipts, cash-outs, credit slips and more will have to be monitored because they are all a part of the day-to-day working of a casino. 

So the weight of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of a Casino Pit Boss is immense and it cannot be someone who just wastes time playing slot games. It needs to be one who is attentive, focused and one who can handle the kind of pressure that comes with the job.

While there is no specific degree that helps you build all these qualities, you can always attend a training session that is meant for a Pit Boss. There are several places where you can avail these sessions and a mere google search will help you do the trick. 

Now that we are aware of who and what it takes to be a Pit Boss, it’s time to look into one of the best parts about the job, i.e is the salary. 

How Much Does a Casino Pit Boss Get Paid 

The salary of a Casino Pit Boss, just like any other job, depends upon the responsibilities that it brings to the table. Since these aspects are directly linked to the size of a casino, a Pit Boss at a smaller casino will make less when compared to a Pit Boss working at a larger casino.

Smaller casinos pay their bosses around $60,000-$65,000 a year whereas big casinos provide them with a larger paycheck that can even go up to $90,000. A salary is their only source of revenue because casinos don’t want Pit Bosses to be accepting tips, unlike dealers. 

Moreover, since they are paid well, it does not necessarily make sense for them to accept tips. So that is what a Casino Pit Boss is all about. 

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