What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

The safety of players has become a big talking point with the emergence of numerous new casino sites online. In the UK, thanks to the Gambling Commission, dodgy casinos, and weak security controls don’t see the light of day. Players, too are informed about their security as clients and would tend to register for over-the-top guarantees for trustworthy new casino sites UK rather than questionable ones.

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

As a sport, every minute of your betting should be enjoyable and ensure that your money is in safe hands. Worrying over whether you can withdraw your earnings can turn a pleasant gaming experience into an agonising one easily. Although the odds of you winning a jackpot are slim, recognising that you can’t withdraw your earnings, no matter how little they are is similarly heartbreaking.

That’s why as a casino player, successful security measures are important for you. They grant you the peace of mind and assist you with responsible betting. But what are some of these measures for security? In this post, we’ll give you some examples.

Verification of identity

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

The Gaming Commission made several modifications to the current age verification policies for casino players in 2018. New casinos are also required to check a player’s age and identification before they place any bet. Since visually determining the age of each customer is almost impossible, modern casinos now need clients to submit copies of personal records for authentication. The name of the player from the IDs or passports must be the same as the credit card used to make payments to be allowed in a casino.

New casinos require players to mention their addresses as well. Often these places invite their clients to submit their latest utility bills. They then check if they fit their utility bill address and that on their ID. Often, you can have to redo the authentication process if you make a withdrawal of a lot of money.

While these security controls are largely implemented to address underage gaming, they also lead to the removal of fraudulent teams. Since 2018, cases of identity fraud in online casinos have reduced significantly.

Restrictions on Deposits

The amount that players can either deposit or withdraw has been reduced by almost all new casinos these days. Such limits are for a particular duration and can be changed as time passes on. They cover clients whose card information could have been improperly acquired by identity robbers. Furthermore, these restrictions safeguard players if they resort to gambling addiction. And if hackers reach your account successfully, withdrawal limits mean that your whole bankroll will not be stolen.

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

Intensive Audits on Software

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

Casinos use specialised software known as RNG to guarantee all games are fair. This technology, referred to in full as random number generators, guarantees that any roll of the dice, wheel turn, and shuffle of the deck is random and equal.

In their games, modern casinos incorporate sophisticated algorithms to create a sequence of numbers generated randomly. Though computer programmes are never completely random, RNGs produce patterns of many distinct values, to a degree that they become unrecognizable.

To improve fairness, the software used by casinos is periodically reviewed by impartial auditors.

Trustworthy sites like Winissimo feature their credentials on the front pages, where they can be accessed by any person. Before they are launched, they also ensure that their slots and tables are audited.

Testing on Games and RTP

To ensure that it is fully fair, independent auditors like eCOGRA and TST have software reviews. Most casinos are routinely audited and can display their license on-site. Many certificates not only show the RNGs’ validity but also mention the RTP percentages of the site. The typical long-term returns paid out by casinos to players are RTPs (Return to Player percentages). This may differ from place to location, and game to game. Games would be flagged up if the RTPs are hugely unjust to players.

Before they hit the casinos, auditors test games as well. Before they ever hit the developer’s manufacturing floor, new slots and table games have to be audited.

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

Safer for kids

What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

Until now, 72 hours were required for online casino sites to carry out age verification tests. Unless age verification was completed, the operator cannot allow clients to withdraw winnings and must return stakes if the participant is found to be underage. But recent regulations mean that operators must confirm the age of the player before he can: 

  • Deposit capital into an account
  • bet with the casino games provider with either their own money or any incentive.

Moreover, the Commission is also now demanding that consumers must check their age before they can access free-to-play versions of poker games on the websites of the licensees. While free-to-play games are not legally cheating (as no prize is involved), there is no valid justification that children should have access to them.

Always do your homework

For all kinds of causes, online and mobile casinos may be blacklisted: incorrect withdrawal amounts, sluggish refunds, or welcome bonus deals are not respected. Maybe the machine freezes or the spins appear suspiciously un-random on the new slot. For the best possible experience, always do your homework before depositing at any new casino site. And scan the casino site and their casino games for:

  • The mark for the licencing authority
  • Up-to-date licences for auditing
  • Certificates for Security
  • Any medals or distinctions
What are the safety and security measures undertaken by new casinos UK?

Final Thoughts

Your betting protection is of the utmost importance whenever you enter the online casino world. That’s why, with stringent safety precautions, we only suggest that you visit reputed and trustworthy new casino sites so that you can enjoy your casino gaming experience.

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