How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

Small disc-like objects weighing even less are casino chips or casino tokens that are used in the casino instead of currencies. They are much like food tokens; by trading the same value of money for them, one can get into any restaurant. The casino chips are equivalent to these food tokens, the only exception being that these chips cannot be found in restaurants, but only in casino table games like Roulette and casino slots. Each casino has its casino chips, which are designed and painted in such a way that these chips can be quickly detected and monitored by the individual casino.

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

The make and design of casino chips

Casino chips are made in various colours according to the various numbers allocated to them. White and blue chips are used for $1; red chips are used for $5, green chips are also known as quarters for $25, black chips grant a sum of $100, purple chips or barneys are worth $500, and $1000 is worth the highest orange chips.

To denote that the chips are from the same casino, casinos have uniform marks and signs on chips. Either ceramic or clay is used to make these chips and then coloured. So the chips that belong to them can easily be found by a casino. Since these casino chips have some common weight, marks, and paint, it is difficult to replicate them precisely. Casino chips are labelled as bogus without any logos on them.

There are several security measures in modern-day casino chips, but there are still individuals who work out a way to counterfeit them. For someone working in a casino, it is important to know the difference between the actual deal and the fakes.

The myth of weight

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

It is a common myth that by its weight, you can tell a true casino chip from a fake. The irony is that some casinos use chips that weigh 8.5 gms, while others use chips that weigh more than 11 gms. If you have a scale handy, you can, however, equate a suspect chip’s weight to that of a legit one.


While most casinos use the same colours to denote their chips’ distinct qualities, they are often a subtly different hue. This suggests that the chips of a casino can be easily recognised by each colour’s unique hue. All you have to do to note the difference is equate the suspect chip to the others.

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

Missing marks

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

As an anti-counterfeiting move, a lot of casinos these days place UV marks on their chips. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, these marks can be easily identified. This is a reasonably straightforward way of knowing whether the chip you are carrying is genuine or a fake.

The graphics quality

Another aspect to remember in distinguishing the genuine from the counterfeit is the general consistency of the graphics or artwork on the chips. To truly notice these variations, you may have to look at a fake chip under a magnifying glass. They will look pretty good but not flawless with a convincing counterfeit chip.

Low-resolution graphics contain a lot of fakes, making them easy to detect when placed next to the real thing. In the counterfeit chips too, there will always be design flaws. This means that the actual ones have that badge or other graphic elements present which are missing from the fake ones.

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

Chips with RFID

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

Many casinos often make use of RFID technologies on their casino chips. In recent years, this device has helped detect counterfeit chips on more than a few occasions. A good number of fakes are not going to have these chips in them. To quickly know the difference, all you need is a scanner unit.


Any sign as to whether or not it is valid may even be the general construction of a casino chip. Most modern chips are manufactured either from clay or from ceramic. Many imitation casino chips, which are reasonably easy to recognize, as they are made from inexpensive plastic. By how they look and feel in your palm, you can indicate the difference. However, it can be difficult to distinguish some of the more compelling fakes with this strategy.

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

The new virtual chips and the end of the forgery process

How do you differentiate real casino chips from fake ones?

These days online and live casino games are seeing an increase. There are sites like Winissimo that are built to host casino table games online. With the growth of internet speeds and high-end broadcasting facilities playing casino games online is seeing exponential growth. As players sit at home and enjoy, there is no risk of getting in any bogus chips here. The player’s physical involvement is not found on those networks. Games like live roulette are hosted, and bets are made by the players who are at their home.

Platforms or websites that do not give a lower or minimum betting number are also available. It could even be $0! There are better online casinos located in the UK that offer the highest payoff. Online Roulette or online Poker are also hosted on these very secure sites, and without any delay, the player will participate.

What should you do in case you find a chip?

It is not a “finders keepers” rule for casino chips. Many casinos have rules claiming any chips on the floor of undefined ownership belongs to the casino itself. As a consequence, cheating is equal to picking up chips from the board. However, this can be tough to enforce, since players don’t usually immediately grab a chip off the floor and attempt to cash it in but first play it at a table where dealers don’t know the chips’ source.

Some casinos take a more lax approach to locating chips, but it is considered that prowling through casino floors searching for misplaced chips or unclaimed pennies in the slots will lead to your expulsion or banning.

You may want to weigh your options if you notice a chip on your sofa or at a friend’s house. You should go back to the casino and explain what happened. They’re always going to cash in the chip, especially if surveillance video may show that you played there and it was worth the chip. Just be mindful that stealing chips and attempting to use them to get high roller status in different casino games is not as simple as it sounds and can bring serious jail time.

Older chips, maybe from extinct casinos could be worth much more than their face value. Collectors are going to spend stacks of money to own a piece of casino culture. These collectors know what they’re looking for, of course, so don’t even try to move on these experts with counterfeit casino chips.

Final Thoughts

Unless you know what to look for, telling the difference between a true casino chip and a fake one can be difficult. Only by comparing the overall look of two chips from the same casino, you can often notice the difference. Or else you can easily avoid this hassle by playing at a reputed online casino like Winissimo. As these online portals and sites are authorised and accredited, there are top UK casino games that can be played by players without fear of any security problems. In this online gaming mode, no casino chips are used, so there is no risk of cheating or winning any cash, except after any losses in a live casino game.

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