A Look at the Best and Worst Starting Hands in Blackjack

Taking a closer look at Blackjack will help you understand a bit more about the game and that is where starting hands in Blackjack come into the picture. Considering the fact that these are some of the most important parts of the game, it is quite essential that you be aware of the same and learn all about it, even if you are just at a stage where you are learning Blackjack rules.

So let’s go through the best and the worst starting hands in Blackjack and understand things with ease. 

A Look at the Best and Worst Starting Hands in Blackjack

The best starting hands in Blackjack

Starting with the best hands is going to make things count as it helps you explore the process with ease and look at the good side before getting into the bad one. These hands are some of the most sought after options in the game because getting hold of it will usually mean something beneficial has come into the picture. 

  • The hard 20

The hard 20

There’s no questioning the fact that the hard 20 is one of the best starting hands in the game. It is a classic one that everyone loves to explore, mainly because of all that it has to provide. And if you happen to have already experienced it, you will clearly understand the kind of impact that it is bound to create and how it will move forward by being one of the best starting hands in the game. 

It consists of two 10-value cards and is known to be a valuable gem against a dealer’s eight. Moreover, the only hand that can stand up to this move and possibly beat it is a Blackjack, which tells you all about the importance of ‘hard 20’. While it may not have better Blackjack odds when compared to Blackjack, it is still worth it. 

  • Blackjack (Ace & 10-value card)

The hard 20 is a good hand but it does not stand a chance against Blackjack because it is the winning formula that everyone needs. Whether you are busy looking for a table at an offline casino or want to get things going at an online casino, you will need this move if you choose to play Blackjack. 

By hitting Blackjack with an ace and a 10 value card and if the dealer does not have a 10 or an ace card, then there’s nothing they can do to push things forward. You would have hit the jackpot with this move, which is why it is known as one of the best in the business. 

You don’t have to get into any form of illegal activities like card counting and can instead be glad that you have won the game. The card count of 21 is what you need and it is known to be the best hand that this game can provide. 


The worst starting hands in Blackjack

Now that we are aware of the best hands in Blackjack, it’s time to look at the worst hands because like it or not, they are a part of the game. You need to learn about them because that is the only way you can try to avoid them.

  • The topic of 16 v ace

The topic of 16 v ace

Playing Blackjack at a live casino or choosing to do it in the world of mobile casinos is not going to eliminate the worst hands from the game. At some point or the other, you are bound to face them and one of the worst that you could possibly witness is 16 v ace. With 16 alone providing players fewer ways to make a hand, life gets harder when 16 v ace comes into the picture. 

It offers players with a negative expectation of 0.5171% and thanks to it being the worst, many compare it to bets that nobody plays like Blackjack insurance. Being stuck with 16 v ace leaves everyone confused as they wonder about the next move and what exactly needs to be done to get things moving.

Players look for different ways to deal with this situation but it is not one that can merely be explored with a hit or stand strategy or even the double down method.

  • 16 v 10

16 v 10 is in direct competition with 16 v ace because it is possibly the worst hand that one could start within a game like Blackjack. It offers a negative expectation of 0.5398% and does not necessarily bring anything exciting to the game. If you happen to face it, especially while playing live Blackjack, you will have to deal with it instantly and come up with a solution to move forward.

While it is a bad hand, it does not specifically indicate that the game is over. You can always find yourself in a good position even after this move, especially if the dealer is being dealt with a weak card or if you end up drawing a five. These are some of the possibilities that you can explore moving forward and continue to keep playing with casino chips

16 v 10

But if none of the steps come into the process, you will be left with a tricky situation that is not only hard to explore but also hard to understand. Hence, 16 v 10 gets the perfect tag of being one of the worst hands in Blackjack. 


The comparison between good and worst hands in Blackjack is one that needs to be considered by all. By completely understanding these aspects, you can provide a detailed description of the game and look to capture it all. While it does not guarantee victory, it does put you at a comfortable stage in the game and forms a platform with which you can rise higher. 

So keep exploring the best and worst hands in Blackjack and understand the different strategies that can be used in this regard. 

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